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Re: Nmap 4.02Alpha1 Released
From: AgentSmith15 <agentsmith15 () gmail com>
Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2006 12:59:42 -0600

Can someone explain this survey question?

"Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) features: Refuse to function without
license key, require registration and EULA acceptance to download."

What would be the pro/cons to this?

On 3/3/06, Fyodor <fyodor () insecure org> wrote:

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to release Nmap 4.02Alpha1.  I don't know if I'll link to
it from the Nmap page, but here are the goods:


Here are the changes:

o Added the --log-errors option, which causes most warnings and error
  messages that are printed to interactive-mode output (stdout/stderr)
  to also be printed to the normal-format output file (if you
  specified one).  This will not work for most errors related to bad
  command-line arguments, as Nmap may not have initialized its output
  files yet.  In addition, some Nmap error/warning messages use a
  different system that does not yet support this option.

o Rewrote much of the Nmap results output functions to be more
  efficient and support --log-errors.  I hope I didn't break

o Fixed a flaw in the scan engine which could (in rare cases)
  lead to a deadlock situation that prevents a scan from completing.
  Thanks to Ganga Bhavani (GBhavani(a)everdreamcorp.com) for reporting
  and helping to debug the problem.

o If the pcap_open_live() call (initiates sniffing) fails, Nmap now
  tries up to two more times after waiting a little while. This is
  attempt to work around a rare bug on Windows in which the
  pcap_open_live() fails for unknown reasons.

o Fixed a flaw in the runtime interaction in which Nmap would include
  hosts currently being scanned in the number of hosts "completed"

o Fixed a crash in OS scan which could occur on Windows when a DHCP
  lease issue causes the system to lose its IP address.  Nmap still
  quits, but at least it gives a proper error message now.  Thanks to
  Ganga Bhavani (GBhavani(a)everdreamcorp.com) for the patch.

o Applied more than half a dozen small code cleanup patches from
  Kris Katterjohn (kjak(a)ispwest.com).

o Modified the configure script to accept CXX when specified as an
  absolute path rather than just the executable name.  Thanks to
  Daniel Roethlisberger (daniel(a)roe.ch) for this patch.

Let me know if you discover any problems.


PS: Don't forget the Nmap survey if you haven't taken it so far!  We
are more than 70% of the way to our goal of 2,500 responses.  Here is
the URL again:

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