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RE: Nmap 4.02Alpha2 Released
From: "Ganga Bhavani" <GBhavani () everdreamcorp com>
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2006 15:05:05 -0800

Previous links are pointing to Alpha1. Here are the links to Alpha2.


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Subject: Nmap 4.02Alpha2 Released

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to release Nmap 4.02Alpha1.  I probably won't link to it
from the Nmap page, but here are the goods:


The changes are mostly code cleanup and fixes, though it does have
Benjamin's improved XSL stylesheet.  Here are the changes:

o Updated to a newer XSL stylesheet (for XML to HTML output
  tranformation) by Benjamin Erb.  This new version includes IP
  address sorting, removal of javascript requirements, some new
  address, hostname, and Nmap version information, and various minor
  tweaks and fixes.

o Cleaned up the Amiga port code to use atexit() rather than the
  previous macro hack.  Thanks to Kris Katterjohn (kjak(a)ispwest.com)
  for the patch.  Applied maybe half a dozen new other code cleanup
  patches from him as well.

o Made some changes to various Nmap initialization functions which
  help ALT Linux (altlinux.org) and Owl (openwall.com) developers run
  Nmap in a chroot environment.  Thanks to Dmitry V. Levin
  (ldv(a)altlinux.org) for the patch.

o Cleaned up the code a bit by making a bunch (nearly 100) global
  symols (mostly function calls) static.  I was also able to removed
  some unused functions and superfluous config.h.in defines.  Thanks
  to Dmitry V. Levin (ldv(a)altlinux.org) for sending a list of
  candidate symbols.

o Nmap now tests for the existence of data files using stat(2) rather
  than testing whether they can be opened for reading (with fopen).
  This is because some device files (tape drives, etc.) may react badly
  to being opened at all.  Thanks to Dmitry V. Levin
  (ldv(a)altlinux.org) for the suggestion.

o Changed Nmap to cache interface information rather than opening and
  closing it (with dnet's eth_open and eth_close functions) all the

o Applied a one-character Visual Studio 2005 compatability patch from
  kx (kxmail(a)gmail.com).  It changed getch() into _getch() on Windows.

Let me know if you find any problems with it.


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Sent through the nmap-dev mailing list

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