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Re: Nmap Issues/ Suggestoins / Question
From: Fyodor <fyodor () insecure org>
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2007 18:18:56 -0800

On Fri, Mar 09, 2007 at 08:05:58PM -0600, Alan Jones wrote:

-- It would be really really nice if Nmap would report all IP addresses
that a name resolves to not just one address.  What If I wanted to know
the second address (or 3rd) address so I could scan that?

Hi Alan!  Perhaps you are right that Nmap should report the other
non-scanned addresses (at least in the XML or in verbose mode).  But
for now, 'host' does the trick pretty easily:

flog> host microsoft.com
microsoft.com has address
microsoft.com has address

--The problem I had though was Nmap said it would scan the address it
reported and resolved from the name of the two but it did not finish the
scan and report anything. 

Hmmm ... it certainly should finish!  We would need more details to investigate.

2. I was curious if there were any guesses on 4.21 Alpha 2 binaries
would be released along with newer OS and Services Signatures?

Within a week, I hope!  I've been doing submission integration
constantly over the last few days and have checked my latest updates
into SVN.  I am currently working on submission #252 out of 1,014 and
I'm trying to do at least 100-200 per day.

3. If a scan reports a service running that Nmap does not know about
what is the best way to try and trace down what that service might be so
I can send in an accurate fingerprint (on a Windows box)?

Maybe someone else can give good advice on this one.

4. When scanning things like our Ricoh MFPs (multi-function printers)
nmap reports several services it does not  recognize.  However that is
all part of the propriety configuration of the machine. Is there
anything I could send in to help with these to to help others when they
are scanning their network?

If the output contains confidential information, you can 'x' that out
and put a clear description of what you have done in the summary
field.  Be sure to put one 'x' per character you remove so the
alignment isn't affected in a bad way.  Or you can create, test, and
send a new signature.  Instructions are at
http://insecure.org/nmap/vscan/ .

I did receive your Ricoh OS fingerprint submissions (not all integrated
yet).  Thanks!


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