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Yippee Ki-Yay!
From: Fyodor <fyodor () insecure org>
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 02:58:38 -0700

I just returned from a late night screening of "Live Free or Die
Hard", which is about a sinister band of Internet terrorists trying to
take out the US National infrastructure.  The hacking is as
over-the-top unrealistic as the action sequences, but Bruce Willis is
still bad-ass!  Anyway, I think I saw some brief Nmap action!!!  It is
more brief and subtle than in Matrix Reloaded.  Nmap was on one of the
screens near the beginning of the movie, just a little before McClane
shows up Farrell's door.  Can someone confirm?  Even better, can
someone get a screenshot I can post to Insecure.Org?  The first one to
get me good screenshots will be a hero!

I actually thought this might happen, since the studio asked me some
hacking questions long ago while they were filming.  I sent them some
info about Nmap, SSH, etc, but never heard any more from them.  So I
figured they dropped the idea.  But I think Nmap is in there and I'm
hoping one of you can get a screenshot to confirm by sneaking a camera
into the theater or grabbing a frame from a pirate copy.


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