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Re[2]: nmap 4.22S0C7 multiple IP address on one NIC in Win2000
From: preacherandrew () mail ru
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2007 10:33:26 +0400

Здравствуйте, Brandon.

Вы писали 24 октября 2007 г., 11:10:47:

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On Wed, 24 Oct 2007 10:51:51 +0400 plus or minus some time Андрей
Коростелёв <preacherandrew () mail ru> wrote:
So I would run
C:\>>nmap -e eth0 <other options> <target>
to select that interface.

I rename my interfaces to reasonable things like 'eth0' instead of
Windows default (in English anyway) 'LAN interface' or whatever.


Thanks you for tips.
I will run nmap as you say.
But if my comp have one NIC with two IP-addresses,  I guess nmap should
run normal whithout additional options. And this situation is
considered in code, but it is appears code has small bug.

If you have multiple interfaces, each of which may have more than one IP
than you'd need to use -e <interface> and -S <ip>.  Nmap is probably not
going to guess the IP you want but you can force it to use whatever IP
you'd like with -S.


I have one interface with several IP (,,, - in this order in TCP/IP properties window).
All masks
I've tried -e <interface> and -S <ip>. But alas. Things more

Here is my scenario.
I run: nmap -e eth0 -S
And my host and target host ( is placed in same subnet.

1)When nmap starts grabbing my machine configuration, Windows API
function GetIpAddrTable report my IP addresses in such order:, ... (i don't know why GetIpAddrTable returns my
IP addresses in that order)
Now nmap uses ip as main ip-address of my interface.

2) Then nmap try compare IP addess of my interface (
and destination IP ( And nmap make decision that these
addresses not directly connected - from ip-addressing
point view it is correct.
From this point Nmap think that my interface and destination interface

3)Then nmap reach to processing -S option (in my case "-S").
Nmap try to find path from to But before
this point nmap already decided that source and destination NOT DIRECTLY
CONNECTED (see 2).
And now nmap think that and not directly
connected - this is contradiction.

4) When nmap try to find path from to
(thinking that these ip addresses not directly connected) it
is crashed.


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