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RE: NSE issue with shortport
From: Matthew Boyle <matt_boyle32 () hotmail com>
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 20:51:22 +0000

From: TBuchanan () thecompassgrp net
Reviewing the output brings up another question:  Is there a way to
modify the "reason" attribute for a port from NSE?  In this script, we
have the ability to change an "open|filtered" port state to "open", but
the reason is still listed as "no-response".  Reviewing the online docs
for NSE, it doesn't appear that the nmap.set_port_state function allows
modification to the reason attribute, but I haven't reviewed the code to
see if that's actually the case.

something like this?

it automatically sets the port to have a new reason ("script-set") when you modify its state.  mostly this is a lot 
easier than finding the correct reason_code from the user's (possibly ambiguous or incorrect) string, but also because 
i think this is a more accurate representation of what happened.  though i suppose we could guess that, say, a UDP port 
is being set to "open" because we've received a udp-response).

it also adds an extra "reason" field to the port-table for good measure.  this is a bit flakey: changing the port state 
doesn't update it.  i'm not sure if this is likely to be a problem, or just a potential source of minor confusion, but 
i certainly can't see a sane way of doing it.


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