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Nmap 4.23RC2 released
From: Fyodor <fyodor () insecure org>
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2007 21:30:52 -0800

Hi everyone!  I'm pleased to release Nmap 4.23RC2 with all of our
changes in the last week.  I think we are just 2-3 weeks away from the
big 10th anniversary stable release!  So please test this out and post
if you find any problems.

Here are the goods:


And here are the changes since 4.23RC1:

o Static code analysis company Coverity generously offered to scan the
  Nmap code base for flaws, and Kris volunteered to go through their
  report and fix the ones which were actual/possible problems rather
  than false positives.  Their system proved quite useful, and about a
  dozen potential problems were fixed.  For details, see Kris'
  11/15/07 SVN commits.

o Improved the Zenmap RPM file so that it should work on either Python
  2.4 or Python 2.5 machines.  It should also work on any platform (x86,
  x86_64, etc.) [David]

o WinPcap updated from version 4.0.1 to the new 4.0.2 release. [David]

o Added PPTP version detection NSE script (PPTPversion.nse) from
  Thomas Buchanan.  Nmap now ships with 38 NSE scripts.

o A number of Solaris compilation fixes were added.  Hopefully it
  works for more Solaris users now. We also fixed an alignment issue
  which could cause a bus error on Solaris. [David]

o When an NSE script changes the state of a port (e.g. from
  open|filtered to open), the --reason flag is now changed to
  "script-set".  Also, the port state reason is now available to NSE
  scripts through a "reason" element in the port-table.  Thanks to
  Matthew Boyle for the patch.

o When version detection changes the state of a port, the reason field
  is now updated as well (to udp-response or tcp-response as
  applicable).  Thanks to Thomas Buchanan for the patch.

o Reworded an error message after a woman reported that it was "highly
  offensive and sexist".  She also noted that "times have changed and
  many women now use your software" and "a sexist remark like the one
  above should have no place in software."  The message was: "TCP/IP
  fingerprinting (for OS scan) requires root privileges. Sorry,
  dude.".  I checked svn blame to call out the insensitive,
  chauvinistic jerk who wrote that error message, but it was me :).

o We received a bug report through Debian entitled "Nmap is a
  clairvoyant" because when you run it with -v on September 1 1970, it
  reports "Happy -27th Birthday to Nmap, may it live to be 73!".  We
  have decided that clairvoyance is a feature and ignored the report.

o We no longer strip the Nmap binary before installing it, as that was
  leading to a runtime error on Mac OS X: "lazy symbol binding failed:
  Symbol not found: _luaL_openlib".  Unfortunately, the unstripped
  Nmap binary can be much larger (e.g. 4MB vs. 800KB) so we are
  working on a better fix which allows us to continue stripping the
  binary on other platforms.

o Zenmap configuration/customization files renamed from ~/.umit to
  ~/.zenmap and umit.conf to zenmap.conf, etc. [David]

o Fixed a Zenmap bug  where if you try to edit a profile and then
  click cancel, that profile ends up deleted. [Luis A. Bastiao]

o The NSE shortport rules now allow for multiple matching states
  (e.g. open or open|filtered) to be specified. This silently failed
  before. [Eddie]

o Regenerate configure scripts with Autoconf 2.61 and update
  config.guess and config.sub files with the latest versions from
  http://cvs.savannah.gnu.org/viewvc/config/?root=config . [David]


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