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Re: Nmap Script Writing contest with prizes to win
From: Nils Magnus <magnus () linuxtag org>
Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2007 14:37:56 +0100

On Friday 23 November 2007 21:26:29 DePriest, Jason R. wrote:
Is the full article available somewhere online?  Looking at the
Linux-Magazin site through the filter of Google Translate, I only see
the first few paragraphs and a link to purchase it for 0.99 EURO (ugh,
I'd have to pay USD for it).

On Nov 23, 2007 9:54 AM, Diman Todorov <> wrote:

The most recent issue of the german Linux-Magazin features an NSE
scripting contest. There are no restrictions, send your scripts to
nmap-contest () linux-magazin de until the 15th of December (although I have
to double check the deadline). The prizes are three O'Reilly network
security books. The jury are the network security editors of the
magazine, Eric Amberg, who wrote a 4 pages article on NSE in the most
recent issue of the magazine, and me. Additional conditions are that the
script has to be published under a free license and that the nmap
projects decides wether and which scripts will make it into the nmap
sources. The scripts have to run with the most recent Nmap distribution.
Lastly: although it doesn't say so, I won't consider scripts which
already are in the nmap svn ;)

Thanks, Diman, for mentioning the article. It was on my long-term agenda of 
things to do (TM). I am the editor of the article and luckily convinced Eric 
and Diman to write and QA it, respectively.

Unfortunately, I have no control about how the articles are distributed, but 
Diman is right: It is in German anyway. If you're interested in an English 
(or Spanish or Portuguese or Polish, for that matter) version, I can just 
recommend to write a short message to the editor-in-chief. For the US Linux 
Pro Magazine that's Joe Casad, Editor-in-Chief, edit () linux-magazine com 


Nils Magnus
LinuxTag 2008: Berlin, May 28 - 31, 2008

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