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Summer of Code results for the Umit Project
From: "Adriano Monteiro" <py.adriano () gmail com>
Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2007 01:39:20 -0300

Hi Folks!

Google Summer of Code has always been a very important program for the
Umit Project. Umit is a Nmap Frontend, created during the GSoC 2005
and mentored by Insecure.org. GSoC 2006 was also a great year for
Umit, as it got great improvements with the sponsoring of Google once
again. But, this year, the Umit Project was stated as a Open Source
Organization, and it turned from a student project, to a mentoring
project, in which we were able to have 7 students working on related
projects intendend to improve and integrate Umit.

Briefly, that is the history of Umit, and as you can see, Google has
been decisive in its future, because it was because of GSoC that it
was created, and it was because of GSoC that it was improved, and it
was because of GSoC that we could have some fantastic students working
on related projects for it.

Thanks Google, and Thank you guys from the Open Source Office at
Google. You guys are really making the difference.

Here are the students who sucessfully finished their projects, and
what they did during this Google Summer of Code:

- Frederico Silva Ribeiro (Independent Features): Frederico and
Adriano worked on some improvements on Umit Core and GUI, fixed the
bugs reported on Umit's bug tracker and added some cool features to
Umit, like the Command Line Option Parser and the mailing system
(Which had some help from Guilherme also). The results of this
project, is now featuring the new Umit release (0.9.5-RC1).

- Guilherme Henrique Polo Gonçalves (Network Inventory and Scan
Scheduler): Network Inventory is a cool tool in which you're going to
be able to keep track of your network through Umit. It basically keeps
an inventory of the machines in your network, and warns you about
changes on it over the time, and now you're going to be warned if a
new and misterious port has been open in your main server. Also,
Guilherme developed the Scan Scheduler, with which you're going to be
able to schedule scans, and have the results delivered in your e-mail.

- João Paulo de Souza Medeiros (Umit Mapper): In order to get more
from you traceroute, you can go for the João's project: The Umit
Maper. It takes your scan result, and creates a radial map with the
found hosts and the routes that it passed through. You can change
views, zoom in and out, and navigate through the hosts easily. This
tool really helps you to figure out instantly the trace path from one
host to another, and you won't need to keep reading lines in the
console to figure that out.

- Luís Antonio Bastião Silva (Umit Interface Editor): Since the first
version, Umit had the hability of having it's interface customized by
the user. Let's say that you have a very new version of Nmap which has
some options not listed in your Umit. What should you do? It is
simple: just go to umit's xml files, and add it there... and you're
going to see the differente on next restart. But, that is not that
simple for some users, and Luis has addressed this issue by providing
the Umit Interface Editor, which allows users to easily edit the
appearance of the Profile Editor and the Command Constructor Wizard
with a GUI editor that he developed during his GSoC.

- Maxim I. Gavrilov (NSE Facilitator): Max's proposal was to integrate
NSE to Umit, allowing users to easily run NSE scripts through Umit.
Also, it is part of his work to create a NSE editor, with highlight
and other development facilities and provide a apt-get like tool for
downloading NSE scripts from a repository, so users can play with all
the sort of NSE scripts that we can provide. He had accomplished his
task and is still working on it to get it even better for getting it
into Umit.

- Rodolfo da Silva Carvalho (Umit Web): Now Umit has a fully usable
web interface, which were release as a beta this week. It has access
control, and lets you scan your network safely when you're away of it
without having to use VPNs or SSH into into it.

Soon, we're going to integrate all those projects into Umit, so you
guys can have fun with them.


Adriano Monteiro Marques

py.adriano () gmail com

"Don't stay in bed, unless you can make money in bed." - George Burns

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