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Nmap 4.23RC3 released
From: Fyodor <fyodor () insecure org>
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2007 17:26:21 -0800

Hi everyone.  I'm pleased to release Nmap 4.23RC2 with all of our
Thanksgiving week changes.  We are really getting close to the 10th
anniversary Nmap release now!  I think we can finish it within two
weeks (by December 11).  So please test this sucker out and report any
problems to the list.

You can simply update your svn, or grab the release over the web:


Here are the changes since 4.23RC2:

o Zenmap now has a man page!  It isn't very long yet, but covers the
  basics.  Thanks to David for writing this.

o A new NSE script, promiscuous.nse, scans devices on a local network
  looking for sniffers (devices running in promiscuous mode).  This
  script is from Marek Majkowski and is the first to use the NSE pcap
  extension system (which he also wrote).  The script is in the demo
  category for now (due to feature freeze), so specify it explicitly
  to try it out.

o Nmap can now handle IP aliases on Windows.  A given device such as
  eth0 might have several IP addresses.  Nmap will use the primary
  address, so you need to use -S if you want to specify a different
  one. [David]

o An exception (rather than luaL_argerror) is now thrown when an SSL
  connection is attempted but OpenSSL isn't available. [David]

o There is now an nmap.have_ssl NSE function so you can avoid doing
  NSE probes when SSL isn't available. [David]

o Zenmap gives clearer error messages when an import error occurs or
  Zenmap's dump files aren't found. [David]

o Zenmap now looks for its data files relative to the directory of the
  zenmap script to allow running from the build/svn directory. [David]

o NSE C modules are now installed into an nselib-bin directory.  This
  was needed to make the dns-test-open-recursion and zoneTrans NSE
  scripts work properly, since they use the NSE bit library
  (bit.so). [Diman, Fyodor]

o Auxillary autoconf scripts such as config.guess, config.sub,
  depcomp, install-sh, and ltmain.sh were deleted from Nmap
  subdirectories because configure is smart enough to use the ones from
  the parent directory.  This decreases the Nmap source tarball and svn
  checkout sizes. [David]

o Nmap now compiles on systems which have the libPCRE include file in
  pcre/pcre.h rather than just pcre.h.  Thanks to Lionel Cons for the
  report. [Fyodor]

o Nmap binary is now stripped again, but it now uses -x to avoid
  stripping dynamically loaded NSE functions on Mac OS X. [David]

o Normalized Zenmap's handling of results files specified on the
  command line.  In some cases, Zenmap would ignore specified results
  files just because some unrelated options were used. [David]

o configure.ac now uses literal directory names rather than variable
  references in calls to AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS.  This removes an annoying
  warning message which has existed for years when you regenerate
  configure. [David]

o Fixed a configure.ac error which prevented you from specifying an
  alternative libnsock directory. [David]

o Check for Python in configure only if Zenmap is requested, and bail
  out if Zenmap is explicitly requested (--with-zenmap) and Python is
  not available. [David]

o Removed some unimplemented Zenmap command-line options and function
  calls. [David]


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