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Nmap Redundancy and Script Question
From: Alan Jones <alan () ajsquared us>
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 21:45:04 -0600

Ok I must confess that I am still new at dealing with Nmap scripts so I 
have a few questions that have come up.  This is with 
nmap-4.23RC3-setup.exe (have not had a chance to test the zip version yet).

On fresh install of Nmap my \Nmap\ directory has the following 
directories in it (excluding files):
11/28/2007  09:04 PM    <DIR>          mswin32
11/28/2007  09:04 PM    <DIR>          nselib
11/28/2007  09:04 PM    <DIR>          nselib-bin
11/28/2007  09:04 PM    <DIR>          scripts
11/28/2007  09:04 PM    <DIR>          zenmap
The "scripts" folder has most of the scripts in it.
The folder nselib has a few library scripts in it.

Then the inside "\mswin32\" there are the following directories 
(excluding files):
11/28/2007  09:04 PM    <DIR>          nmap-4.22SOC7
11/28/2007  09:04 PM    <DIR>          nmap-4.22SOC8
11/28/2007  09:04 PM    <DIR>          nmap-4.23RC1
11/28/2007  09:04 PM    <DIR>          nmap-4.23RC2
11/28/2007  09:04 PM    <DIR>          nmap-4.23RC3
11/28/2007  09:04 PM    <DIR>          Release

Each of these directories including the "release" directory has a 
"scripts" folder and a copy of all the scripts for that release in it.

I suspect we don't need all the scripts in all the spots in the mswin32 
sub directories, but not sure what are needed where.  

Also inside the \nmap\scripts\ directory is a directory called .svn with 
the following files/directories and stuff in the directories.
11/27/2007  06:30 PM             5,346 entries
10/11/2007  03:01 AM                 2 format
11/28/2007  09:04 PM    <DIR>          prop-base
11/28/2007  09:04 PM    <DIR>          props
11/28/2007  09:04 PM    <DIR>          text-base
11/28/2007  09:04 PM    <DIR>          tmp

I am guessing/hoping there is build/make error somewhere with several of 
the above items.

Also in the 4.23RC3 release notes it was mentioned that promiscuous.nse 
was in the "demo category" for now.  In looking at the NSE Usage 
http://insecure.org/nmap/nse/nse-usage.html I did not see a demo 
category listed.

When I checked the script itself it was said it was in the discovery 
category.  What am I missing?

What is the easiest way if you want to run "all" scripts?

I see an option -sC equivalent to --script=safe,intrusive.  Is there a 
-sA for all scripts or do you just do -script <directory>?

I hope the questions will help others or are good enough that they may 
be used to clarify the instructions.



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