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Re: Nmap Redundancy and Script Question
From: Alan Jones <alan () ajsquared us>
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 21:25:26 -0600

Fyodor wrote:
On Wed, Nov 28, 2007 at 09:45:04PM -0600, Alan Jones wrote:
I guess discovery is a good category for it, since that is not done by
default.  I just didn't want to make it a default script this close to
the stable release.  I've updated the CHANGELOG.

We really need to revisit the NSE category names (though any major
changes would be after the stable release).

What is the easiest way if you want to run "all" scripts?

I see an option -sC equivalent to --script=safe,intrusive.  Is there a 
-sA for all scripts or do you just do -script <directory>?
Script <directory> sounds like a good idea.  I think we should make a
convenience option for this as well (e.g. -sC all).

I started thinking related to testing and such that it might be a good 
idea in Alpha's, Beta's, and Release Candidates etc in the release notes 
to encourage people to run with  --script all to give more testing to 
some of the scripts that are not run as often.  Then there should be 
time when some of the less intensive scripts be move to the safer 

Also can a script be in more then one category?  i.e can a script be 
both Safe and Discovery?

Something to consider if you rework the categories....

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