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zenmap missing from mswin32 zip pkg
From: jah <jah () zadkiel plus com>
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 22:31:34 +0000

This looks like the zipping in mswin32/makefile should be performed after the zenmap stuff is copied: cp -R ../zenmap/dist/* ../zenmap/COPYING* ../zenmap/README nmap-$(NMAP_VERSION)/zenmap

does the attached makefile_zip.patch (r6381) look ok?

Index: Makefile
--- Makefile    (revision 6381)
+++ Makefile    (working copy)
@@ -26,11 +26,11 @@
        cd Release && cp -f $(NSE_FILES) ../nmap-$(NMAP_VERSION)/scripts/
        mkdir nmap-$(NMAP_VERSION)/nselib
        cd Release && cp -f $(NSE_LIB_FILES) ../nmap-$(NMAP_VERSION)/nselib/
-       zip -r nmap-$(NMAP_VERSION)-win32.zip nmap-$(NMAP_VERSION)
        cp winpcap/winpcap-nmap-*.exe nmap-$(NMAP_VERSION)
        mkdir nmap-$(NMAP_VERSION)/zenmap
        cd ../zenmap && install_scripts/windows/copy_and_compile.bat
        cp -R ../zenmap/dist/* ../zenmap/COPYING* ../zenmap/README nmap-$(NMAP_VERSION)/zenmap
+       zip -r nmap-$(NMAP_VERSION)-win32.zip nmap-$(NMAP_VERSION)
        cp nsis/AddToPath.nsh nsis/Nmap.nsi nsis/shortcuts.ini nmap-$(NMAP_VERSION)
        $(MAKENSIS) nmap-$(NMAP_VERSION)/Nmap.nsi
        mv nmap-$(NMAP_VERSION)/NmapInstaller.exe nmap-$(NMAP_VERSION)-setup.exe

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