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RE: build svn nmap on mswin32 under cygwin
From: jah <jah () zadkiel plus com>
Date: Sun, 02 Dec 2007 01:32:13 +0000

You remember that I am comparing the 4.23RC3 released windows installer 
to the one I build under cygwin to ensure I'm ending-up with the same 
thing and not introducing errors of my own.  This, to me, is most 
important because I like to have the lastest svn builds to play with 
(and I'm sure you don't have enough people testing on windows).
So here's a summary of the differences between zenmap in the 4.23RC3 
installer and in the installer I built, along with some questions:

missing: libpng13.dll
    libpng12.dll is present in GTK/bin, libpng13.dll wasn't installed 
with GTK (2.10.11) so, assuming it's required, where should I obtain it 

missing: pango\1.5.0
    pango/1.6.0 is present in GTK/lib, 1.5.0 wasn't installed with GTK 
(2.10.11) so, assuming it's required, where should I obtain it from?

missing: lib\gtk-2.0\2.4.0
    gtk-2.0/2.10.0 is present in GTK/lib, most of 2.4.0 wasn't installed 
with GTK (2.10.11) so, assuming it's required, where should I obtain it 

missing: etc\fonts\local.conf
    This isn't in my GTK/etc/fonts - if this was custom written for 
zenmap, surely it would be in the svn so I'm stuck on this one - any ideas?

dir mismatch: etc\fonts\conf.avail
dir mismatch: etc\fonts\conf.d
    These are in 4.23RC3, but not in mine:


    These are in mine, but not in 4.23RC3:


    So I have all the same font files, but in the wrong directories.  Is 
this a system specific thing?

name mismatch: 4.23RC3 -> lib\libpng.dll.a = Mine -> lib\libpng12.dll.a
name mismatch: lib\pkgconfig\gtkglext-1.0.pc = 
    The same CRC, but named differently.  Does this make a difference?

content mismatch: zenmap.exe
    I'd very much like to know if there's a way to work out which 
revision was used for a given release.  If not, then I'd be grateful if 
somebody (perhaps you, fyodor?) could tell me the revision numbers for 
nmap, nsock, nbase and zenmap for 4.23RC3.  I did try working it out 
from the logs based on fyodor's mail to this list, but I wasn't sure 
whether the timezones might come into play and ruin my shaky assumption 
that the last revision before that time would be the one I need.

If I can get these issues resolved (I haven't yet compared the rest of 
nmap to make sure I'm building it correctly - still to do) and can 
successfully build a windows installer that perfectly matches a release, 
I'd be confident enough to knock-up a "windoze users idiots guide to 
building nmap with cygwin", replete with explicit instructions.  I'm 
sure it would be useful to someone.


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