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Final (perhaps) release candidate: Nmap 4.49RC4
From: Fyodor <fyodor () insecure org>
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2007 16:49:47 -0800

Hi All.  I think Nmap is just about ready for the 10th anniversary
4.50 release!  I don't plan to put in any more code changes unless
they address critical issues.  So this is truly a "release candidate"
which warrants its name.  4.50 may be the same thing with just the
version number updated.

This release does include a lot of good stuff on its own merits,
including major OS detection DB and version detection DB updates, and
a large number of big fixes.

But it is important to test 4.49RC4 this weekend so that we find any
major problems before hordes of users do!  Report any problems to this

If no show stopping bugs are found this weekend, I'll probably release
4.50 on Monday or Tuesday.

You can download the new version here:


Here are the changes since 4.23RC3:

o David did a huge OS fingerprint integration marathon, going through
  all of your submissions (more than 1600) since August 20.  The 2nd
  generation database has grown more than 30% to 1,085 entries!  Many
  of the existing fingerprints were improved as well.  Notable new or
  greatly improved entries include the iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac OS X
  Leopard FreeBSD 7.0, Linux 2.6.23, Nokia cell phones (E61, E65, E70,
  E90, N95), and OpenBSD 4.2.  Of course there were all manner of new
  printers, cable/DSL routers, switches, enterprise routers, IP
  phones, cell phones and a heap of obscure equipment such as the
  BeaconMedaes medical gas alarm.  Windows Vista fingerprints were
  also improved significantly.  Please keep those OS fingerprint
  submissions and corrections coming!

o Doug integrated all of your version detection fingerprints and
  corrections since October 4.  The DB now has an incredible 4,542
  signatures for 449 service protocols.  The service protocols with
  the most signatures are http (1,473), telnet (459), ftp (423), smtp
  (327), pop3 (188), http-proxy (111), ssh (104), imap (103), irc (46)
  and nntp (44).

o Included the netbios-smb-os-discovery.nse script which uses NetBIOS
  and SMB queries to guess OS version.  This script was written by
  Judy Novak and contributed by Sourcefire.

o Canonicalized the interface type numbers used internally by
  libdnet. Also Libdnet now recognizes devices with type
  INTF_TYPE_IEEE80211 as Ethernet devices.  This ought to make
  wireless network scanning work on Windows Vista. For more background
  see http://seclists.org/nmap-dev/2007/q4/0391.html. [David]

o Documented the "--script all" option in the man page and NSE
  article.  This option executes all scripts in the NSE database
  regardless of category. [Fyodor]

o NSE scripts can now be specified by name without the .nse
  extension.  So instead of using "--script
  bruteTelnet.nse,HTTPpasswd.nse,SQLInject.nse,robots.nse", you can
  just pass "--script bruteTelnet,HTTPpasswd,SQLInject,robots". [Kris]

o Removed some auto-generated files from the new nselib-bin directory
  as they could cause compatibility problems. Also updated
  mswin32/Makefile to reflect the new nselib-bin DLL location [David]

o ripeQuery.nse was updated to avoid printing some useless
  information. [Kris]

o Compatibility with systems that have the pcre.h header file in its
  own pcre directory should now be fixed for real. [Fyodor]

o Enhanced the radmind service detection signature and added a
  deprecated radmind port to nmap-services. [Matt Selsky]

o Zenmap now gives better errors to stdout when it can't even pop up a
  dialog box (such as when PyGTK can't be loaded). [David]

o Fixed a Zenmap crash which occurred on Mac OS X and possibly other
  platforms.  The error message aid: "object of type
  'ScanHostDetailsPage' has no len()". [David]

o Fixed a crash which occurred when an NSE script called
  set_port_version() at times that version scanning was not
  enabled. [Diman]

o Fixed the NSIS installer so that it does not include some excess
  files (mswin32/* and .svn).  Thanks to Alan Jones for reporting the
  problem. [Fyodor]

o Renamed some Zenmap Python packages to allow Zenmap and Umit to be
  installed at the same time. [David]

o Updated nmap-mac-prefixes with the latest IEEE data.  Also added
  back Cooperative Linux virtual NIC which was inadvertently removed in
  a previous release.


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