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Most final release candidate yet: Nmap 4.49RC6
From: Fyodor <fyodor () insecure org>
Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2007 23:13:03 -0800

Hi All.  Maybe this will really be the final release candidate!  The
big release is still sceduled for Tuesday.

I'm happy to report that we got some good last-minute bug fixes which
were worthy of inclusion.  So I just uploaded Nmap 4.49RC6.  Please
give it a try and let us know very soon (by emailing nmap-dev) if you
encounter any problems!

Here are the goods:


And here are the changes since 4.49RC5:

o NSE scripts can now be specified by absolute path to the --script
  option.  This was supposed to work before, but didn't. [David]

o Insert a path separator in returned paths in init_scandir on
  Windows.  Otherwise options such as "--scripts=scripts" (where
  scripts is a directory) were failing with error messages about being
  unable to access things like "C:\Nmap\scriptsanonFTP.nse" (should be
  "C:\Nmap\scripts\anonFTP.nse"). [David]

o Add some "local" declarations to xamppDefaultPass.nse to avoid
  errors like: "SCRIPT ENGINE: [string "Global Access"]:1: Attempted
  to change the global 'socket' ..." [David]

o NSE "shortports" function now by default matches ports in the
  "open|filtered" state as well as "open" ones. [Diman]

o Nsock msevent_new and msevent_delete calls fixed to handle NULL I/O
  descriptors.  This should fix a reported bus error crash. [Diman]

o Prevent old bit.dll and pcre.dll files from being installed in
  nselib directory by Windows executable installer.  Bit.dll is still
  installed in nselib-bin where it belongs.  Thanks to Rob Nicholls for
  reporting the problem. [Fyodor]


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