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Re: [Bug]? Script Directories 4.23RC3 on MSWin32
From: jah <jah () zadkiel plus com>
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007 01:53:04 +0000

jah wrote:

A scan such as the following against a windows machine will (assuming 
portrules true) run netbios-smb-os-discovery.nse:

    nmap -sSV -p139,445 -n -PN -d --script-trace --script
    SCRIPT ENGINE: Will run C:\Program
    Files\Nmap\scripts\netbios-smb-os-discovery.nse against
    Host script results:
    |_ Discover OS Version over NetBIOS and SMB: Windows XP

but specifiying, incorrectly, a script or dir will cause script 
scanning to abort

    nmap -sSV -p139,445 -n -PN -d --script-trace --script
    SCRIPT ENGINE: No such category, file or directory: 'garbage'
    SCRIPT ENGINE: Script scanning completed.
    SCRIPT ENGINE: Aborting script scan.

I wondered if this was a fault because I'm of the opinion that the 
garbage shouldn't cause the abortion.

I've compared packet captures in wireshark for the above case and found 
the script is actually run, it just doesn't get reported.


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