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--resume and scanning (Windows) localhost quirks
From: "Rob Nicholls" <robert () everythingeverything co uk>
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2007 17:10:48 -0000 (UTC)

Following on from my previous email about getting --resume to "work" on
Windows (i.e. nmap no longer displays the pfatal message)...

Has anyone else been able to get --resume to do anything useful? I've
tried RC7 (with my change) on Windows and 4.21ALPHA3 on Linux; nmap
doesn't appear to write anything to the output file until it's finished
scanning everything, which makes --resume seem a little bit pointless. Is
there a "special" way I'm supposed to abort the scan? If you try --resume
against a completed output file, you see something like:

nmap --resume testresume
Unable to parse ip (Intel) supposed log file testresume.  Sorry

I've even tried editing the output file to fool it into thinking it's
halfway through a scan, but all I get is:

Unable to parse supposed log file testresume_edited.  Sorry

Also, I've tried scanning a small range that includes my IP and I get this
lovely message on Windows:

Skipping SYN Stealth Scan against xxx.xxx.xx.xx because Windows does not
support scanning your own machine (localhost) this way.
All 0 scanned ports on xxx.xxx.xx.xx are

Are what? :) That's probably less important to worry about, but I was
wondering if that could also cause a problem with --resume (if I could get
it to work properly in the first place).

I promise to be a lot quieter tomorrow :)


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