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Re: WinPcap setup issue in Nmap Windows installer
From: jah <jah () zadkiel plus com>
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 16:42:35 +0000

On 14/12/2007 14:36, LevelZero wrote:
After retrying the whole issue (the NPF problem was easily solved by
removing the Netmon driver found at my NIC), I've come to the conclusion
that it's most likely a user error :)

What I think happened is as follows: I start the nmap setup, alt-tab to
PuTTY, see a popup in the background, alt-tab back to it, etc. Somewhere in
this period, I must have alt-tabbed to the 4.02 installer before finishing
the 4.01 deinstaller.

The second time I tried all this, I had no problems at all with

So the only "problem" here would be the 3 open "setup" windows at the same
time (nmap install, winpcap 4.02 install, winpcap 4.01 deinstall).

We perhaps need to look at the nmap-winpcap installer again and only do
an upgrade if the previous version detected is an nmap-winpcap one thus
not executing a separate uninstaller.
If a different (eg a wireshark winpcap) install is found, we should
perhaps prompt the user to uninstall it themselves and rerun nmap
installation again, aborting nmap-winpcap at that time.
It actually manages to find and launch the uninstall for this winpcap
without problems

The only real difference I see is that the 4.02 installer from winpcap.org
launches the uninstall and doesn't actually allow you to continue until the
uninstall has finished, while the nmap-winpcap installer does allow this,
since you can just click "next" in the installer even when the "welcome"
screen of the uninstaller is still visible.
Yes, you're spot on there.  The installer has been written to wait for 
the uninstaller before continuing, but it doesn't.
The reason for this is that the uninstaller spawns another uninstaller 
(that does the actual uninstalling) and immediately exits whilst the 
sub-process does its thing.  As far as the nmap-winpcap installer is 
concerned, the uninstaller (parent) finishes practically immediately so 
the installation form is shown (even before the sub-uninstaller becomes 
visible) and installation is allowed to be started.  Crikey, I've made a 
mess of explaining that haven't I.  It's documented here: 
and the fix is trivial, but will need testing.

Thanks again.


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