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svn nmap.nsi observation
From: jah <jah () zadkiel plus com>
Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2007 22:17:59 +0000


I've been fiddling with the nsis script for nmap with a view to making a 
few improvements and I've noticed something that isn't a bug and doesn't 
have an impact on the windows installer in any way, but is just a bit odd.
The mswin32/makefile creates a mswin32/nmap-$(VERSION) directory and 
copies all nmap and zenmap files/folders into it, including the nsis 
components.  By the time makensis.exe is executed with the 
mswin32/nmap-$(VERSION)/nmap.nsi script, everything it requires (with 
one exception: icon1.ico) is already in the directory nmap-$(VERSION) 
with it.  The script however, pulls in the files/folders required for 
the installer from everywhere other than this directory:

    File ..\..\CHANGELOG
    File ..\..\COPYING
    File ..\..\nmap-mac-prefixes
    File ..\..\nmap-os-db
    File ..\..\nmap-protocols
    File ..\..\nmap-rpc
    File ..\..\nmap-service-probes
    File ..\..\nmap-services
    File ..\Release\nmap.exe
    File ..\..\docs\nmap.xsl
    File ..\nmap_performance.reg
    File ..\..\README-WIN32
    File /r /x mswin32 /x .svn ..\..\scripts
    File /r /x mswin32 /x .svn ..\Release\nselib
    File /r /x mswin32 /x .svn ..\Release\nselib-bin
    File ..\icon1.ico

when it could be:

    File COPYING
    File nmap-mac-prefixes
    File nmap-os-db
    File nmap-protocols
    File nmap-rpc
    File nmap-service-probes
    File nmap-services
    File nmap.exe
    File nmap.xsl
    File nmap_performance.reg
    File README-WIN32
    File /r /x mswin32 /x .svn scripts
    File /r /x mswin32 /x .svn nselib
    File /r /x mswin32 /x .svn nselib-bin
    File ..\icon1.ico

and there's a few more entries like that too.  Is there a reason for it?



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