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First post-4.50 Nmap Dev release: 4.51BETA
From: Fyodor <fyodor () insecure org>
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2007 18:47:45 -0800

Hi All.  I hadn't expected to do a post-4.50 release so soon, but I'm
happy to report that we got a lot of good changes in quickly which had
been deferred during the 4.50 stabilization period.  I have released
Nmap 4.51BETA with those changes.  This isn't intended to begin
another long development cycle.  I might release one more BETA
release, but then I'd like to release a new stable version.  Hopefully
that will be ready within the next 2-3 weeks.

You can find 4.51BETA in all the usual formats at
http://insecure.org/nmap/download.html .

And here are the changes since 4.50:

o We now have a detailed Zenmap Guide at
  http://insecure.org/nmap/zenmapguide/ . Thanks to David for writing

o Added rpcinfo.nse script, which contacts a listening RPC portmapper
  and reports the listening services and port information (like
  rpcinfo -p does).  The script was written by Sven Klemm.  Fyodor
  then enhanced the RPC number list with all of the entries from

o Added a new NSE script (MySQLinfo) which prints MySQL server information
  such as the protocol and version numbers, status, thread id, capabilities,
  and password salt. [Kris]

o Nmap's output options (-oA, -oX, etc.) now support strftime()-like
  conversions in the filename.  %H, %M, %S, %m, %d, %y, and %Y are
  all the same as in strftime().  %T is the same as %H%M%S, %R is the
  same as %H%M, and %D is the same as %m%d%y.  A % followed by any
  other character just yields that character (%% yields a %).  This
  means that "-oX 'scan-%T-%D.xml'" uses an XML file in the form of
  "scan-144840-121307.xml". [Kris]

o Fixed Winpcap installer to install the right version of Packet.dll
  on Windows Vista. [Fyodor]

o Fixed our Winpcap installer so that it waits for a Winpcap uninstall
  (if needed) to complete before trying to install the new Winpcap.

o Fix a bunch of warning/error messages which contained an extra
  newline. [Brandon Enright]

o Fixed an error when attempting to scan localhost as an unprivileged
  user on Windows (nmap --unprivileged localhost). The error was:
   "Skipping SYN Stealth Scan against localhost ( because
    Windows does not support scanning your own machine (localhost) this
  Now connect scan is used instead of SYN scan. [David]

o Fixed a bug that prevented the --resume option from working on
  Windows. The error message was: [Fixed by David, reported by Rob Nicholls]
  ..\utils.cc(996): CreateFileMapping(), file 'testresume', length 103,
  mflags 000 00006: The parameter is incorrect.(87)
  [Fixed by David, reported by Rob Nicholls]

o Zenmap's new web page (http://insecure.org/nmap/zenmap/) is now
  shown in the Zenmap about dialogue.

o On Windows, paths beginning with \ are now considered absolute when
  used with the --script option. jah (jah(a)zadkiel.plus.com) suggested
  this. [David]

o Zenmap no longer double-spaces its output (by inadvertently
  duplicating newlines) when viewing scan results that were saved to a
  file. [Joao Medeiros]

o Upgraded the shipped LibPCRE from version 7.2 to 7.4. [Kris]

o Fixed Zenmap crash that occurred when selecting Help from the Compare
  Results window. [Kris]

o Updated robots.nse to prevent printing robots.txt comments. [Kris]

o Many version detection match lines were improved to match even when
  newlines appear in binary data returned by the service. [Fixed by
  Doug, suggested by Lionel Cons]


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