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Custom information in output xml files
From: "Tomas Zellerin" <zellerin () gmail com>
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2008 07:23:00 +0200


as I found no way to include custom information into xml files, I
wanted to ask whether such a thing has any chance to be added into
nmap (if it is already there and I only missed it, even better).

Some cases where it would make sense:
- several scans are made during one test. Comments like "preliminary
scan", "scan of network devices", "Scan from internal LAN" etc. could
be added.
- for reference, information like who performed the scan, part of what
project it is etc. could be useful.

Then, a modified XSL stylesheet could be used to display the
additional information, and other tools could be used to make an index
to group of xml output files.

To illustrate what I mean, a patch (based on environments and not
meant to be of production quality) is included that allows something
like (two of the parameters would be probably set globally)

COMMENT="Preliminary scan" SCANNEDBY="tomas" PROJECT="<FOOBAR>" nmap
--custom-tags COMMENT,SCANNEDBY,PROJECT localhost -oX test.xml

- does the concept makes sense at all?
- any ideas on what implementation details should look like (how to
input the information, how to present it in xml - current way is easy
to parse in xslt, but probably breaks any DTD)?

This is my first stab on hacking nmap code, so general comments on
style are welcome as well. I am not subscribed to nmap-dev, so please
keep me cc-ed if you answer.

<here imagine obligatory praise on how nice tool nmap is>

With regards,

Tomas Zellerin

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