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Re: #nmap IRC channel
From: Fyodor <fyodor () insecure org>
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 18:02:28 -0700

On Sat, Apr 19, 2008 at 12:33:47PM -0700, doug () hcsw org wrote:

In my opinion, EFnet is much more 31337 than Freenode:

I'm not disputing the 31337ness of EFnet, but I wanted to mention a
couple things I learned from my brief Freenode usage:

  * You don't need to register a nick

You don't have to register a nick on Freenode either, though I guess
there are some serious restrictions if you don't.  For example, it
wouldn't let me join the #fedora channel unless I registered.

The nice thing about being able to register nicks is that only I can
use "Fyodor" on Freenet.  So I don't have to worry about some script
kiddie running around impersonating me.  At least until I foget to log
on for 60 days and they recycle the nick :|.

  * There are IPv6 and SSL servers

irc.freenode.com does have ipv6 servers.  At least according to their
FAQ, you simply connect to irc.ipv6.freenode.net.  They don't seem to
offer SSL currently.

  * hybrid/ratbox ircds are less buggy than dancer (stats p works etc)

I used stats p while I was on Freenet.  It seemed to work, though no
staff were online :|.

  * Freenode netsplits several times a day

Yeah, at least one netsplit happened during my evening online.

  * EFnet is teh 0r1g1n0l n3twerkzz

Very true.

Freenode has an empty #nmap channel but it is registered by somebody
so we can't kick spammers, change the topic, etc.

That we could fix.  I filled out their group contact form a few days
ago, but they haven't gotten back to me yet.  I think I'll have to nag
them if I want it dealt with in a reasonable amount of time.

Here are a few potential advantages of using FreeNode:

o If some script kiddie takes over the channel we can easily get it
  back since we will have the chansrv set to trust the registered nicks
  of core Nmap developers.  If that happens on EFNet, I guess we just
  have to mail nmap-hackers and ask everyone to help ddos the
  perpetrator at a certain time?? :).

o On Freenode we can give out Nmap cloaks which hide people's IP
  address.  So instead of saying kris () adsl-2-3 whatever comcast net it
  says kris () nmap/hacker or whatever.  On EFnet, don't you have to
  connect through a proxy or use the right shell account which
  corresponds to the IP address you want to show?  I haven't used EFNet
  in quite a while.

o Freenode apparently has many other channels for active open source projects.  Though
  perhaps EFnet has more of them, I don't know.

I along with a few other regulars are on EFnet 24/7. I have occassionaly been answering
questions there for the past couple months. My nick is Fractal.

That is a big benefit of EFnet!  People are actually on the #nmap
channel and helping :).

Please don't take this email as me advocating that the official
channel be on Freenode.  I'm just noting some reasons why Freenode
*might* be worth considering.

Anyway, I'll let people know if and when Freenode gives us back the
#nmap channel.  Or maybe there is a way to see who registered a
channel, and we can just email that guy and ask for access?


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