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Re: #nmap IRC channel
From: doug () hcsw org
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 19:09:15 -0700

On Tue, Apr 22, 2008 at 06:02:28PM -0700 or thereabouts, Fyodor wrote:
You don't have to register a nick on Freenode either, though I guess
there are some serious restrictions if you don't.  For example, it
wouldn't let me join the #fedora channel unless I registered.

Good point, though as you say there are restrictions:
  * Can't PM +R channels
  * Can't PM (non-ircop) users at all
  * Can't NOTICE users at all

irc.freenode.com does have ipv6 servers.  At least according to their
FAQ, you simply connect to irc.ipv6.freenode.net.  They don't seem to
offer SSL currently.

Nice didn't know that.

I used stats p while I was on Freenet.  It seemed to work, though no
staff were online :|.

Sorry, my mistake I meant "stats u" as used by ircServerInfo.nse:

  irc.he.net has been up for 213 days, 22:03:56
  -:- [Highest client connection count(2710) (2708)]

  This command is for network staff only

I think they've "secured" a few other stats cmds too.

o If some script kiddie takes over the channel we can easily get it
  back since we will have the chansrv set to trust the registered nicks
  of core Nmap developers.  If that happens on EFNet, I guess we just
  have to mail nmap-hackers and ask everyone to help ddos the
  perpetrator at a certain time?? :).

bwhahahahhah that's going in my quotes file. You sure you're not an
efnet user? ;)

There's that or CHANFIX: http://www.efnet.org/chanfix/
Takeovers are a lot harder nowadays because of timestamp fixes and
CHANFIX. Still possible, but usually a few eggdrops with +superbitch
is enough to hold a chan.

o On Freenode we can give out Nmap cloaks which hide people's IP
  address.  So instead of saying kris () adsl-2-3 whatever comcast net it
  says kris () nmap/hacker or whatever.  On EFnet, don't you have to
  connect through a proxy or use the right shell account which
  corresponds to the IP address you want to show?  I haven't used EFNet
  in quite a while.

Yes, unless you know the right ppl or are an ircop, you need a FQDN
otherwise your IP addr is shown. WRT freenode's cloaks, I personally
am against this mis-feature.

o Freenode apparently has many other channels for active open source projects.  Though
  perhaps EFnet has more of them, I don't know.

I would hang out in #nmap on freenode too and have no problem with
that being the official chan either. I'm Fractal on freenode and am in
#lisp and #forth.


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