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Failed to determine route
From: Jay Chandler <lists () sequestered net>
Date: Thu, 08 May 2008 14:45:30 -0700

Had this problem intermittently for a while now on my laptop, figure 
it's time to track it down. Build from latest svn on OS 10.5.2.

bash-3.2# nmap -vvv

Starting Nmap 4.62 ( http://nmap.org ) at 2008-05-08 14:44 PDT
Warning: Unable to open interface vmnet8 -- skipping it.
Warning: Unable to open interface vmnet1 -- skipping it.
nexthost: failed to determine route to

It does this for any address, yet I can ping it, traceroute it, the 
whole nine yards outside of nmap.

Any thoughts as to what to look at next?

Jay Chandler / KB1JWQ
Living Legend / Systems Exorcist
Today's Excuse: we're waiting for [the phone company] to fix that line

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