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Re: Difficult Nmap Question from IRC
From: bensonk () acm wwu edu
Date: Wed, 14 May 2008 15:55:42 -0700

If this is a one-off scan never to be repeated then it doesn't matter
much, just pick one of the extremes and go for it.  If this is
something you do all the time it should be easy to hack together a
perl/python/other script to make a few measurements, a list of
host:port pairs and do the splitting and scanning for you.

I think it would be fairly simple to hack together a perl/python/ruby/etc
script that would generate a list of nmap commands to run.  Suppose your
script took some crazy format input file and output nmap commands:

$ cat host_port_pairs.txt | ./nmap-aggregator.py | sh

That'd get you somewhere close.  You could then write another script
that you pipe the output to that would read in a bunch of xml output and
aggregate it into a single output format.  It's hacky, but it would end
up giving you fairly nice results.  You could some up with a fairly
simple heuristic for your script like "any set of hosts with n ports in
common should be scanned together".  You could then try tweaking n and
come up with an experimental value that works well for you.  

Just my two cents. 


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