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Re: The difficulty of running Nmap with privileges on Mac OS X
From: bensonk () acm wwu edu
Date: Sat, 17 May 2008 22:17:34 -0700

3. Use Authorization Services to run just the Nmap commands as root. The
user would authenticate once per session. This is really the ideal
solution, because it limits the amount of code that runs privileged, and
Zenmap runs as a real user, with files in their own home directory.
Unfortunately, the function AuthorizationExecuteWithPrivileges doesn't
give us much information about the child process, not even a PID. This
means that we can't kill the Nmap process when a scan tab is closed.
However, this may not be such a huge limitation.

I like this option by far the best.  I think that shipping setuid
binaries is a bad idea, generally speaking, and I think that not killing
the nmap process when a tab is closed is better than shipping a setuid
binary.  What about some wrapper script that's not setuid, but that you
execute with AuthorizationExecuteWithPrivileges?  It could exec nmap and
output the pid to stdout or something.  Just a thought.  


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