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script causing infinite loop - don't know which one
From: "DePriest, Jason R." <jrdepriest () gmail com>
Date: Sat, 24 May 2008 00:44:18 -0500


I am running a scan on a Debian GNU/Linux box with -sSCUV and it hits
a loop and just keeps going and going.  The --script-trace doesn't
tell me which script is trying to run.

Is there an easy way to get nmap to tell me what it's doing when it
just keeps doing it over and over again.

It basically does this
NSOCK (56.4820s) nsock_loop() started (timeout=50ms). 1 events pending
NSOCK (56.4820s) wait_for_events
as long as I'll let it run.  I let it go for about 15 minutes before
killing it the first time.

If I just use -sSUV, it works fine.  It must not be one of the scripts
that runs for a version scan, I suppose.

If it helps, I've attached the output of a -vvv -d9 --packet-trace
--script-trace scan with the loop at the end.


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