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[PATCH] Various Installer Changes
From: "Rob Nicholls" <robert () everythingeverything co uk>
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 13:05:29 +0100 (BST)

Fyodor wrote:
  I don't even have Vista installed

Shocking! ;)

  So I think we should decide on Winpcap-loading defaults
  and wording, and put them in options.ini.  Then we won't need the

I've gone with the single file approach now. People can still uncheck the
boxes if they want to, so it's not the end of the world if we check them
by default on all Windows operating systems. The service isn't (currently)
registered/started immediately on pre-XP machines anyway (unless they
installed sc.exe from the Resource Kit), even if you do select the
checkboxes! :S

o If there are any places where vista/2008 checks are still needed

Nope, all gone (except for the existing one for the Vista specific
packet.dll). I've just finished building a Windows 2008 x64 test machine,
so I'll try and look into the Vista/2008 x64 specific WinPcap files at
some point.

o You have special code so that the new options only come up when
  Winpcap was installed.  To me, that signals that this should be in the
pcap installer instead.

Yep, I've moved the code across. I was being somewhat optimistic and hoped
that if the official WinPcap installer ever supported a silent install
option we could simply switch the files. But hell hasn't frozen over
(yet), and if they ever do support silent installation it's not too hard
to move the code back again.

o I'd like to have the silent option turn on NPF autostart and
  immediately start

Also added to the updated WinPcap installer. Again, this won't actually
work on pre-XP machines until after they reboot (unless sc.exe is

The WinPcap installer now checks the WinPcap registry key for the install
directory - I presumed without this something might break if WinPcap was
installed in a non-default location, but it doesn't appear to make a
difference, even to the uninstaller! I've left it in anyway.

The uninstall section now stops the npf service registration (should
silently fail on pre-XP hosts without sc.exe) before it deletes the files
that are used. This makes it more consistent with the official installer
(and made it easier for me to test an install).

To add the InstallOptions custom page to our WinPcap installer, so users
can choose the "WinPcap Options", I've updated it to use the Modern UI (it
looks more like the current Nmap installer).

I don't think I've missed/broken anything while moving bits about, it
appears to work okay over here.

One final thought I had: should the Windows setup/zip files include
COPYING.OpenSSL (and perhaps display it as part of the setup file's
LICENCE page) now that the binaries support OpenSSL?


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