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Nmap 4.65 released
From: Fyodor <fyodor () insecure org>
Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2008 14:43:20 -0700

Hi All.  I'm very pleased to release Nmap 4.65, as we made a whole lot
of progress since 4.62 on May 3!  Not only did the new SoC students
make great contributions, but many other folks on nmap-dev pitched in
as well.  Some of the key improvements are David's Mac OS X installer
for Nmap and Zenmap, OpenSSL support on Windows (thanks to Kris and
Thomas), Rob's huge batch of Nmap and WinPcap Windows installer
improvements, and IPv6 Windows support (Kris).  And there is much
more!  The 4.62 changelog seemed huge with 40 important improvements.
But this release exceeds that with 43.  Not a bad month's work!

I've linked to the new version from the Nmap download page:


Please give it a try and let us know on nmap-dev if you encounter any
problems.  A release with so many changes deserves substantial

Here is the list of changes since 4.62:

o A Mac OS X Nmap/Zenmap installer is now available from the Nmap
  download page!  It is rather straightforward, but detailed
  instructions are available anyway at
  http://nmap.org/book/inst-macosx.html .  As a universal installer,
  it works on both Intel and PPC Macs. It is distributed as a disk
  image file (.dmg) containing an mpkg package.  The installed Nmap
  does include OpenSSL support.  It also supports Authorization
  Services so that Zenmap can run as root.  David created this
  installer.  He wants to thank Benson Kalahar and Vlad Alexa for
  extensive testing of the nine test releases.

o The Windows version of Nmap now supports OpenSSL just as the UNIX
  versions have for years.  Both the .zip and executable installer
  binary packages we ship from the Nmap download page now include
  OpenSSL. [Kris, Thomas Buchanan]

o We now compile in IPv6 support on Windows.  In order to use this,
  you need to have IPv6 set up.  It is installed by default on Vista,
  but must be downloaded from Microsoft for XP.  See
  http://www.microsoft.com/technet/network/ipv6/ipv6faq.mspx . [Kris]

o Seven Google-sponsored Summer of Code students began working on
  exciting Nmap projects full times.  The winning students and their
  Nmap development projects are described at
  http://seclists.org/nmap-dev/2008/q2/0132.html .

o Our WinPcap installer now starts the NPF driver running as a
  service immediately upon installation and after restarts. You can
  disable this with new check-boxes. This behavior is important for
  Vista and Windows Server 2008 machines when User Account
  Control (UAC) is enabled. [Rob Nicholls]

o Nmap and Nmap-WinPcap silent installation now works.  Nmap can
  be silently installed with the /S option to the installer.
  If you install Nmap from the zip file, you can install just
  WinPcap silently with the /S option to that
  installer. [Rob Nicholls]

o Our WinPcap installer is now included with the Nmap Win32 zip
  file. [Fyodor]

o Numerous miscellaneous improvements were made to our Win32
  installer, such as using the "Modern" NSIS UI for WinPcap,
  improving the option description labels, and showing a finish
  page in all cases. [Rob Nicholls]

o The nmap-dev and nmap-hackers mailing list RSS feeds at seclists.org
  now include message excerpts to make it easier to identify
  interesting messages and speed the process of reading through the
  list.  Feeds for all other mailing lists archived at SecLists.Org
  have been similarly augmented.  For details, see
  http://seclists.org/nmap-dev/2008/q2/0333.html . [David]

o A new "default" Nmap Scripting Engine category was added.  Only
  scripts in this category now run by default (except for "version"
  scripts which run when version detection was requested).
  Previously, any scripts in the "safe" or "intrusive" categories were
  run.  21 scripts are now in this default category. [Kris]

o The NSE HTTP library now uses the host name specified on the command
  line when making requests, which improves script scanning against web
  servers with virtual hosts. Thanks to Sven Klemm for the patch.

o Added some new and improved version detection signatures. [Brandon]

o Fixed an OS detection bug that prevented the R1.UID test result from
  being recorded properly when scanning certain printers from
  little-endian computers. Updated nmap-os-db to compensate for
  signatures that had an incorrect U1.RID value.  [Michael]

o Updated to include the latest MAC Address prefixes from the IEEE in
  nmap-mac-prefixes [Fyodor]

o Updated the SMTPcommands NSE script to work better against Postfix
  and reduce verbosity. [Jason DePriest, Fyodor]

o Reorganized the way ping probes are handled internally.  Rather than
  being stored in the NmapOps structure, they are now stored within
  the individual scan_lists structures.  This is a cleaner
  organization. [Michael]

o Fix grepable output's "Ignored State" reporting.  Only one ignored
  state (the one with the highest numbers of ports) is shown. [David]

o Update to Lua version 5.1.3 [Patrick]

o Add NSE stdnse library to include tobinary, tooctal, and tohex
  functions. [Patrick]

o Fixed a bug which caused the Zenmap crash reporter to, uh,
  crash. [David]

o NSE engine was cleaned up significantly.  nse_auxiliar was removed,
  and file system manipulation functions were moved from nse_init.cc
  into a new nse_fs.cc file.  Numerous interfaces between Nmap and Lua
  were improved.  Most of these functions are now callable directly by
  Lua. [Patrick]

o Fixed a bug in the showOwner NSE script which caused it to try UDP
  ports instead of just TCP ports.  This made it very slow in the
  common case where there are many UDP ports in the open|filtered
  state.  Thanks to Jason DePriest for reporting the problem and Jah
  for tracking it down and fixing it.

o Nbase now generates pseudo-random numbers itself rather than using
  /dev/urandom on Linux and the terrible rand() function on Windows.
  The new system uses ARC4 based on libdnet's implementation. [Brandon]

o Made a number of updates and improvements to the Zenmap Users' Guide
  at http://nmap.org/book/zenmap.html . [David]

o Fixed the way Zenmap handles command-line entry to prevent your
  custom command-line to be overwritten with the current profile's
  command just because you edited the target field. [Jurand]

o Nsock was improved to better support reading from non-network
  descriptors such as stdin.  This is important for the upcoming Ncat
  project Mixter is working on. [Mixter]

o A bug was fixed that could cause Zenmap to crash when loading a
  results file that had multibyte characters in it. The error looked
  Gtk-ERROR **: file gtktextsegment.c: line 196
  (_gtk_char_segment_new): assertion failed:
  (gtk_text_byte_begins_utf8_char (text))

o Removed a superfluous test for the existence of the C++ compiler in the
  configure script. The test was not robust when configured with
  CXX="ccache g++". Thanks to Rainer Müller for the report.

o Optimized cached DNS lookups so they are equally efficient when
  running on big-endian or little-endian systems. [Michael]

o Fixed the nmap_command_path Zenmap configuration variable so that it
  is actually used to start the specified Nmap executable
  path. [Jurand Nogiec]

o Nmap now reports scan start and end times for individual hosts
  within a larger scan. The information is added to the XML host
  element like so: [host starttime="1198292349" endtime="1198292370"]
  (but of course with angle brackets rather than square ones).  It is
  also printed in normal output if -d or "-v -v" are
  specified. [Brandon, Kris, Fyodor]

o "make uninstall" now uninstalls Zenmap as well as Nmap. The
  uninstall_zenmap script now deletes directories that were
  installed. [David]

o Fixed a bug which caused Nmap to send bad checksums on Solaris 10
  x86.  This was due to a workaround for an Ancient Solaris 2.1 bug
  which activated when the OS string matched "solaris2.1*".  The
  problem has now been resolved until Solaris 20 comes out and hits
  our "solaris2.2*" bug workarounds. Thanks to Nathan Bills for the
  problem report.  Fixed by Fyodor.

o Fixed a minor memory leak in getpts_simple which occurs when
  no ports are to be added to 'list'. 'porttbl' is now free'd regardless
  of how the function returns. [Michael]

o Nmap now understands the RFC 4007 percent syntax for IPv6 Zone IDs.
  On Windows, this ID has to be a numeric index.  On Linux and some
  other OS's, this ID can instead be an interface name.  Some examples
  of this syntax:

o The Zenmap installer and uninstaller are more careful about escaping
  filenames and dealing with an installation root (DESTDIR). [David]

o Since assert() calls are used for various security-related tests,
  their safety is now ensured by keeping NDEBUG undefined throughout
  Nmap, Nbase and Nsock. [Kris]

o Fix a couple bugs in the way the Nmap build system checked for an
  existing LUA library.  A bashism caused one test to fail on system
  which don't use bash as /bin/sh, and another bug fixed --with-liblua
  configure option for specifying your own liblua. [Daniel

o The NSE nmap.registry.args table is now available, albeit empty, when
  --script-args isn't used.  Now scripts don't need to check if it's nil
  before attempting to index it. [Kris]

o Changed SSLv2-support.nse so that it only enumerates the list of
  available ciphers with a verbosity level of at least two or with
  debugging enabled. [Kris]

o Replaced kibuvDetection.nse with version detection match lines which
  work better than the script. [Kris, Brandon]

o Removed mswindowsShell.nse as there is a version detection NULL probe
  match which accomplishes the same thing. [Brandon, Fyodor, Kris]

o Updated IANA assignment IP list for random IP (-iR)
  generation. [Kris]


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