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Re: Script Arguments and IDs
From: jah <jah () zadkiel plus com>
Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2008 02:34:06 +0100

On 02/06/2008 01:41, Kris Katterjohn wrote:
So instead of using the script id, the subtable name checked for may
need to
be hardcoded in (presumably using the filename).  But even then it can be
messed up (e.g. "SSLv2-support").

I think "nmap.registry.args[id]" is cleaner than some hardcoded name.

So how should this work?  Should we just specify what to name the
subtable in
the individual scripts rather than assuming the ID, or should IDs just be
valid if args are used?

Also: should IDs and filenames be closely related, or should it not

I think that the ID that is displayed in the host script results should
closely match the filename to make it apparent which script was output. 
There'll come a time when there's too many scripts to guess which
displayed ID matches which script.
How about if ID was a table?
id= {"long"="SSLv2-support", "short" = "sslv2"}
id.long could be enforced programmatically, i.e. not specified in the
script; and this would be the filename and displayed in host script results.
id.short would be specified in the script and could be a less restricted
A script might then be able to hunt for arguments in either
nmap.registry.args.id.short or nmap.registry.args.id.long.
There could be some jiggery-pokery with id.long to replace hyphens and
underscores with spaces for presentation purposes.
Might also be able to "call" a script with either ID value...

just a thought, like.

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