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Re: Review: Angry IP Scanner
From: doug () hcsw org
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2008 03:54:16 -0700

On Fri, Jun 06, 2008 at 08:12:31AM +0000 or thereabouts, Brandon Enright wrote:
It wouldn't be
reasonable though if you wanted to scan 5000 out of

Oh no?

$ time perl -e 'for ($i=0; $i<256; $i++) { for ($j=0; $j<256; $j++) { for ($k=0; $k<256; $k++) { print "10.$i.$j.$k\n"; 
}}}' > input

real    0m27.156s
user    0m21.709s
sys     0m1.360s

$ wc -l input
16777216 input

$ du -sh input
220M    input

$ time cat input | perl -ne 'print int(rand()*99999999)." $_"' | sort -n | perl -ne 's/^\d+ // and print' > output

real    4m6.312s
user    2m50.471s
sys     0m12.605s

syke () syke-desktop:~/tpq$ head -n 10 output

Guaranteed no duplicates, < 5 minutes, completely unoptimised. You can "pick
up where you left off" by seeking through the file. 17 million is nothing.


Start to get rather messy.

Exactly. This is why enumerating+shuffling is ideal. Sorry, I can't
discuss this topic any further.



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