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Re: gsoc --top-ports
From: Fyodor <fyodor () insecure org>
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2008 16:24:06 -0700

On Sat, Apr 05, 2008 at 03:00:45PM -0400, Daniel Agar wrote:
I'm applying for the Feature Creeper/Bug wrangler Gsoc 2008 position,

I'm glad to hear it!  40 minutes left if you haven't applied yet.  So
get those applications in!

First of all, who should be scanned? I suppose you want a wide range of
different types of hosts. I was thinking about things like scanning
everyone in a large IRC channel, or trace route to a website and scan
every hop in between. The biggest problem I see is getting a good sample
of data from inside small home networks, the ports most
applicable/interesting to the average home user that might use nmap

This will sound like a cop-out answer, but these are good things for
you to think about in your application.  There are lots of ways you
could do it.  For exampe:

1) Scanning yourself
2) Coordinating a scanning project on a list such as nmap-dev, where
   you might write code for sanitizing/collecting/analyzing the data.

Or maybe you could think of some other clever way.

On an unrelated note, was the Nmap Hosted Scanner ever completed? I came
across this http://nmap.org/SoC/HostedScan.html during some soc related
googling. Was this ever finished, and if not is there any interest in this
still? It sounds like a fun project.

One student did that, but we didn't end up using it for various
reasons.  We would consider more applications for this project, but I
didn't list it on the main ideas page because it isn't quite as high
of a priority as some of the other projects.  But if it is something
you really want to do, apply!  If we decide not to do this project,
but your app looks great, we could still talk to you about potentially
doing something else instead.


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