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Re: [PATCH] WinPcap Installer x64 Support
From: Kris Katterjohn <katterjohn () gmail com>
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2008 16:58:11 -0500

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Rob Nicholls wrote:
Also, from the MSDN docs[1], it seems that you don't need to reenable
the Wow64 stuff unless you want any redirection again because it's
thread-specific and won't effect anything else.

I wanted to quickly get something out that supported x64 with minimal
changes to the existing script (partly to avoid messing anything else up,
partly to make the modification easier to understand). I was lucky that the
original script had npf.sys after all of the 32-bit files, so I probably
could have gotten away with just disabling the redirection at that point in
the script as there doesn't appear to be anything afterwards that would
break if the redirection were left disabled, but this might cause some
confusion if someone other than me were to add (32-bit) files afterwards.

If you want to, I think you could get away with removing the lines that
re-enable the redirection.

Equally, if people want me to, I could disable the redirection in the two
.onInit sections, or in the installer/uninstaller sections, and rewrite the
script to reflect the actual locations of the files. It would probably be
less confusing to newcomers, but there could be a slight maintenance
overhead with the script copying the same file into one of two locations
(although I doubt the WinPcap files will change that much).

Unless you (or anybody) has any strong opinions in favor of the modifications,
I'd like to apply the patch as-is since it's small and working.  I don't see a
need to add any more complexity or maintenance overhead.  Keeping the
re-enable of the Wow64 stuff could avoid any future mistakes, and it
apparently wouldn't help us any to leave it out anyway.

If a newcomer doesn't understand the Wow64 stuff (like I didn't) it will
confuse them either way IMO, so I vote we just keep it simple.  At least until
it's needed for anything else.

If you are able to make the changes I've mentioned and you verify that
it indeed still works, or let me know that it's really required, I'll
be happy to apply this to SVN.

I think it's really required, and I hope this clarified things. I probably
should have explained it a bit better while submitting the patch as I know
few of us here have access to Windows x64 systems. I probably could have
explained it better here too ;-) 

Thanks for the nice explanation, that helped out.

If there are no replies in favor of modifications, I'll probably apply this
tonight or tomorrow (just to give it some time).


Thanks again,
Kris Katterjohn

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