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Zone Transfer Results
From: "Rob Nicholls" <robert () everythingeverything co uk>
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2008 12:29:43 +0100

I was testing out SVN 9146 and spotted that the zone-transfer script is
displaying the results in a slightly strange way, different to the behaviour
seen with 4.68. I hope it still makes sense after some obfuscation,
basically the full stops are incorrectly displayed if they're part of a
string (IP addresses appear to be unaffected):

|  zone-transfer:
|  xxxxxx\2co\2uk\0            SOA     ns1\15yyyyyy\3net\0
|  xxxxxx\2co\2uk\0            MX      xxxxxx\2co\2uk\0
|  xxxxxx\2co\2uk\0            NS      ns1\15yyyyyy\3net\0
|  xxxxxx\2co\2uk\0            NS      ns2\-64yyyyyy\3net\0
|  xxxxxx\2co\2uk\0            A       aa.bb.cc.dd
|  ftp\-64xxxxxx\2co\2uk\0        CNAME
|  localhost\-64xxxxxx\2co\2uk\0  A
|  mail\-64xxxxxx\2co\2uk\0       CNAME
|  www\-64xxxxxx\2co\2uk\0        CNAME
|_ xxxxxx\2co\2uk\0            SOA     ns1\15yyyyyy\3net\0

|  zone-transfer:
|  xxxxxx.co.uk.            SOA     ns1.yyyyyy.net. server.zzzzzz.net.
|  xxxxxx.co.uk.            MX      xxxxxx.co.uk.
|  xxxxxx.co.uk.            NS      ns1.yyyyyy.net.
|  xxxxxx.co.uk.            NS      ns2.yyyyyy.net.
|  xxxxxx.co.uk.            A       aa.bb.cc.dd
|  ftp.xxxxxx.co.uk.        CNAME
|  localhost.xxxxxx.co.uk.  A
|  mail.xxxxxx.co.uk.       CNAME
|  www.xxxxxx.co.uk.        CNAME
|_ xxxxxx.co.uk.            SOA     ns1.yyyyyy.net. server.zzzzzz.net.

It looks like the script itself has barely changed since January, so I
presume something else internally has changed. Does anyone know what's at


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