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-PN reason, localhost isn't really responding
From: "Michael Pattrick" <mpattrick () rhinovirus org>
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 01:36:32 -0400

Hey everyone,

When scanning a remote host with the no-ping option, Nmap states that
the reason the host is up, is due to 'localhost-response'. Kinda silly
right? Heres an example:
nmap -PN -oX scanme.xml scanme.nmap.org
<host starttime="1217268668" endtime="1217268685"><status state="up"

localhost-responce seems unappropriated(as its a blatant lie - the
localhost didn't really respond) but browsing 'portreasons.cc' I
couldn't find anything better, the options were:

"reset", "conn-refused", "syn-ack", "syn-ack",  "udp-response",
"proto-response", "perm-denied",
"net-unreach", "host-unreach", "proto-unreach",
"port-unreach", "echo-reply", "unknown", "unknown", "dest-unreach",
"source-quench", "net-prohibited", "host-prohibited", "unknown",
"unknown", "admin-prohibited", "unknown", "time-exceeded", "unknown", "unknown",
"timestamp-reply", "unknown", "unknown", "unknown", "addressmask-reply",
"no-ipid-change", "ipid-change", "arp-response", "tcp-response",
"no-response", "localhost-response", "script-set", "unknown-response"

I'm thinking about adding something along the lines of 'user-set' or
'user-specified', but I would like to get some opinions on this., any
thoughts on a better name?


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