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Re: Zenmap Ctrl+V
From: jah <jah () zadkiel plus com>
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2008 15:31:00 +0100

On 08/10/2008 03:20, Michael Pattrick wrote:
Hi folks,

I'd like to propose a change to the shortcut key that saves scans to a
directory in Zenmap.  Currently it's Ctrl+V which conflicts with the
standard shortcut for pasting from the clipboard.  I often find myself
trying to paste a target into the Targets input field and getting the
Save dialog.
Why couldn't we do something like Ctrl+Alt+S ? If memory serves that isn't
used for anything in zenmap right now?
This would probably be more intuitive than the other proposals. 
Attached is a patch for zenmapGUI/MainWindow.py.

--- MainWindow.py.orig  2008-10-08 02:54:32.296875000 +0100
+++ MainWindow.py       2008-10-15 22:00:27.524625000 +0100
@@ -142,8 +142,8 @@
             ('Save to Directory',
-                _('Sa_ve to Directory'),
-                "<Control>v",
+                _('Save to _Directory'),
+                "<Control><Alt>s",
                 _('Save all scans into a directory'),

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