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Nmap 4.85BETA7 Released!
From: Fyodor <fyodor () insecure org>
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2009 20:42:51 -0700

I'm pleased to announce the release of Nmap 4.85BETA7.  Hopefully it
will be the last in this series of daily releases!  But as with the
last two releases, we wanted to get some Conficker detection
improvements out to the people.  And as with those other releases, we
snuck in some other goodies as well :).  You can find the goods here:


And here are the changes:

Nmap 4.85BETA7 [2009-04-1]

o Improvements to the Conficker detection script (smb-check-vulns):
  o Treat any NetPathCanonicalize()return code of 0x57 as indicative
    of a vulnerable machine. We (and all the other scanners) used to
    require the 0x57 return code as well as a canonicalized path
    string including 0x5c450000.  Tenable confirmed an infected
    system which returned a 0x00000000 path, so we now treat any
    return code of 0x57 as indicative of an infection. [Ron]
  o Add workaround for crash in older versions of OpenSSL which would
    occur when we received a blank authentication challenge string
    from the server.  The error looked like: evp_enc.c(282): OpenSSL
    internal error, assertion failed: inl > 0". [Ron]
  o Add helpful text for the two most common errors seen in the
    Conficker check in smb-check-vulns.nse.  So instead of saying
    things like "Error: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED", output is like:
    |  Conficker: Likely CLEAN; access was denied.
    |  |  If you have a login, try using --script-args=smbuser=xxx,smbpass=yyy
    |  |  (replace xxx and yyy with your username and password). Also try
    |  |_ smbdomain=zzz if you know the domain. (Error NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED)
    The other improved message is for

o The NSEDoc portal at http://nmap.org/nsedoc/ now provides download
  links from the script and module pages to browse or download recent versions
  of the code.  It isn't quite as up-to-date as obtaining them from
  svn directly, but may be more convenient. For an example, see
  http://nmap.org/nsedoc/scripts/smb-check-vulns.html. [David, Fyodor]

o A copy of the Nmap public svn repository (/nmap, plus its zenmap,
  nsock, nbase, and ncat externals) is now available at
  http://nmap.org/svn/.  We'll be updating this regularly, but it may
  be slightly behind the SVN version.  This is particularly useful
  when you need to link to files in the tree, since browsers generally
  don't handle svn:// repository links. [Fyodor]

o Declare a couple msrpc.lua variables as local to avoid a potential
  deadlock between smb-server-stats.nse instances. [Ron]


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