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Re: RFC on Nping: Raw packet probing nirvana
From: ithilgore <ithilgore.ryu.l () gmail com>
Date: Wed, 06 May 2009 15:28:25 +0300

Fyodor wrote:

o Must support dealing with ethernet frames, IP, TCP, UDP, and ICMP.
  We might find other protocols useful as well.  It must be able to
  handle these raw, and also provide cooked modes using connect() and
  UDP regular socket sends.  Those can be useful for users without raw
  socket privileges (e.g. nonroot on UNIX, or Windows without pcap).

Considering how multicasting has recently gained much popularity, (multimedia
farms, game servers etc) it would be interesting if Nping supported IGMP.
Another possible option would be IPsec (though things might get a bit complex here).

o Maybe some sort of scripting functionality would be nice.  If so, it
  should of course be in Lua.  But maybe Nmap NSE using the raw packet
  mode and pcap is sufficient and we don't need it in Nping.

I believe that hping3's TCL scripting support was maybe one of its main
advantages, so perhaps a future integration of Nping's scripting capabilities
with NSE will prove quite useful.

o Must be written in C++ (can be very C-like as Nmap itself is) and
  portable (Linux, Mac, Windows, etc)

The plan is to distribute Nping along with Nmap, Zenmap, and Ndiff.

Those are my thoughts, and I hereby open the floor to ideas!  Remember
that it is much easier to make major changes now while we're still in
the planning stage than once we begin implementation.  Let us know
what you think!


-- ithilgore

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