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Introducing the 2009 Nmap/Google Summer of Code Team!
From: Fyodor <fyodor () insecure org>
Date: Wed, 6 May 2009 14:23:00 -0700

Hello everyone.  The Nmap Project is pleased to announce that Google         
has sponsored six student developers to spend this summer enhancing         
the Nmap Security Scanner and related projects! If you enjoy the                            
Zenmap GUI, Ncat, Ndiff, or the Nmap Scripting Engine, then you're                    
using features developed in a large part by previous Summer of Code
students.  Our last four years were so successful that Google asked us
to write an article for their blog:


While previous SoC results were great, we have an ambitious agenda and
hope to accomplish even more this year!  We're in the "community
bonding" phase now and full-time coding begins on May 23.  I'm
delighted to introduce this 2009 team:

Patrick Donnelly is already well-known to those who follow Nmap
development. He was a successful SoC student in 2008 and has been a
steady contributor since then.  His role is the NSE Infrastructure
Manager, so he will improve the code and libraries that make NSE work,
and help make design decisions to direct future NSE development.
Patrick has many ideas for improvement, and his experience with Nmap
and Lua make him the right man for the job. This fall he will attend
graduate school at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, USA. He
will be mentored by David Fifield, who was himself a SoC student in
2007.  David then distinguished himself as a mentor for three students
last year, and we're happy to have him back to mentor another three in

Ithilgore, a fourth-year Computer Science and Engineering student at
the University of Patras in Greece, has a long history in the security             
and Nmap communities. He has written numerous open source security
tools which you can find at http://sock-raw.org/projects.html, and he    
also sent the most detailed Nmap bug report/analysis we've ever seen
(http://seclists.org/nmap-dev/2008/q4/0543.html).  Fyodor will mentor
him in starting a brand new project: a high-speed network
authentication cracker named Ncrack.  Read more about the proposal at

Luis MartinGarcia is also working on a brand new tool--a raw packet
sending and analysis tool named Nping.  Think of it as Hping on
steroids as you read the proposal and discussion at
http://seclists.org/nmap-dev/2009/q2/0314.html.  We consider Luis
perfect for creating Nping since he previously created another
impressive open source security tool: the Adabada Knocking Suite
(http://www.aldabaknocking.com).  Luis is finishing a Computer
Engineering degree at the University Carlos III Madrid and also
pursuing a master's degree in Information Security at Open University
of Catalonia, Spain.  He will be mentored by Fyodor.

Josh Marlow is a feature creeper with a specialization in the Nmap
core and Zenmap. Josh wrote a proposal for the development of an Nmap
library, so some of his work will be directed towards making that
possible. He is a master's student at the University of Tennessee,
Knoxville in the USA. He has a broad knowledge of Unix, having
reimplemented several standard utilities. He will be mentored by David

Venkat Sanaka is a feature creeper with a specialization in Ncat and
Ndiff. He has been using Nmap for a few years and this is his first
time getting involved in developing an open-source project. He is in
his third year at BITS (Birla Institute of Technology & Science),
Pilani in Goa, India. He has a specialization in networking and
network security, which perfectly fits the requirements for Ncat. He
will be mentored by David Fifield.

João Batista Correa Gomes Moreira hails from Brazil, where he is
seeking a master's degree in Computer Science at the Universidade
Estadual de Campinas.  His focus is writing scripts and libraries for
the Nmap Scripting Engine, with a major emphasis on http/web related
work.  Web-related improvements include a spidering library+scripts,
URL grinder, cookie support, HTTP keepalive and pipelining support,
enabling POST/HEAD requests, and more!  João impressed us with his
enthusiasm and by writing his first NSE script before even being
accepted into the program.  He will be mentored by Fyodor.

In addition to these core Nmap projects, 5 students were sponsored to
work on the Umit Nmap GUI. Umit was created by SoC student Adriano
Marques in 2005 and 2006 and formed the basis of Zenmap, which is now
included with our Nmap packages and integrated into our repository.
Adriano has developed his own design goals for Umit, and is carrying
it forward as a separate project. We wish him the best in this
endeavor and are excited to see what the Umit team comes up with. The
selected Umit students have been announced at

Please join us in welcoming this new team of Nmap SoC students! Most
of the development will be done on the nmap-dev list, where everybody
is encouraged to participate in coding, suggesting ideas, testing,
etc. With a team like this, we can't help but expect great things for
the summer of 2009!

I'd also like to offer big thanks to Google for putting another 5
million dollars (over all projects) into open source development this
summer!  Here are the GSoC teams for all 7 security projects:

EFF/Tor (6 students)

FreeNet (5 students):

Honeynet Project (9 students):

Nmap (6 students)

OpenSSH (1 student)

OpenSwan/Xelerance (5 students):

Umit (5 students)


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