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May 2009 OS detection highlights
From: David Fifield <david () bamsoftware com>
Date: Sat, 9 May 2009 23:05:35 -0600

Hello all,

I just finished integrating over 1,100 OS submissions and 50 corrections
since January 8. It was encouraging to see that there were more
corrections of higher quality this time around. Here are the highlights.
First, some statistics:

Line count went from 31555 to 35907 (+4352, +14%).
Fingerprint count went from 1760 to 2003 (+243, +14%).

New vendor/family combinations:
A-Tec embedded, Aruba ArubaOS, Bluebird SuperDOS, Cisco Linux, CoRAID
embedded, Colubris Linux, Cray UNICOS, Crestron embedded, Dick Smith
Electronics VxWorks, Extreme Networks ExtremeXOS, Fortinet embedded,
Freecom embedded, GalaxyMetalGear Linux, Gemtek embedded,
GlobespanVirata embedded, Google embedded, HTC Linux, HTC Windows,
Hamlet embedded, Icy Box Linux, Inova embedded, Interbell embedded,
Intertex embedded, KA9Q KA9Q, Lantronix Evolution OS, LevelOne embedded,
Liebert embedded, MRT Linux, Microware OS-9, Mitsubishi embedded,
National Instruments embedded, Netasq embedded, NetworkAlchemy embedded,
Neuf VxWorks, Orange embedded, Perle embedded, Phar Lap ETS, RGB
Spectrum embedded, RSA embedded, Schneider embedded, Sun OpenSolaris,
TP-Link embedded, VBrick embedded, Vantage embedded, Westermo embedded,
XMOS embedded.
Removed vendor/family combinations:
Dick Smith Electronics embedded, Netgem Linux, Secure Computing Linux.

Here are a couple new operating system versions:

Linux 2.6.28
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Beta (build 7000)

And here are unusual or interesting new prints. Nmap fingerprint
submitters are great at sending me to Google and Wikipedia to find out
what these operating systems are.

lwIP 1.3.0 lightweight TCP/IP stack

Phar Lap ETS 13

XMOS XC-2 development card
        The submitter says that the chip on this board implements
        Ethernet in software.

Microware OS-9/68000 3.0.3
        Not to be confused with Mac OS 9. An embedded real-time OS.

Cray UNICOS/mk
        An OS used on Cray supercomputers.

KA9Q NOS TCP/IP stack for packet radio
        This one is really cool. It is a TCP/IP stack written by Phil
        Karn to connect computers over amateur radio. The first
        implementation was written for CP/M in 1985.

Bluebird SuperDOS
        I had trouble finding information on this one but I like the
        name. I emailed the submitter for more information. There used
        to be a web page:

David Fifield

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