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Re: parsing of script-args is broken
From: jah <jah () zadkiel plus com>
Date: Mon, 18 May 2009 00:04:47 +0100

On 16/05/2009 01:30, Patrick Donnelly wrote:
On Sun, May 10, 2009 at 7:23 AM, Patrick Donnelly <batrick () batbytes com> wrote:
A key, value, or array value may be a sequence of characters except
'{', '}', ',', '=', and all space characters. You may overcome this
restriction by using quotes (single or double) to allow all characters
within the quotation marks. You may also use the quote delimiter
inside the sequence so long as it is escaped by a backslash.
Hi Patrick,

I am using the sargs5.patch (on windows) and can only pass a value
containing a comma to --script-args by nesting single quotes within
double quotes around the value:

--script-args smbuser=somebody,smbpass="'.n,m '"
NSE: SMB: Extended login as \somebody succeeded

or the other way round:

--script-args smbuser=somebody,smbpass='".n,m "'

or even mismatched:

--script-args smbuser=somebody,smbpass="'.n,m "'

If I use single quotes only:

C:\Program Files\Nmap\nse_main.lua:539: Value at ''.n,m}' is invalid or
is unterminated by a valid seperator
stack traceback:
        [C]: in function 'error'
        C:\Program Files\Nmap\nse_main.lua:539: in function 'parse_value'
        C:\Program Files\Nmap\nse_main.lua:553: in function 'parse_table'
        C:\Program Files\Nmap\nse_main.lua:593: in main chunk
        [C]: ?


I think this just a windows oddity because it treats single quotes as
just a character .  If I use double quotes only, the value containing
the comma is truncated before the comma so it becomes the value ".n"

NSE: SMB: Extended login as \somebody failed (NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE)

Using a Linux or a Cygwin terminal and supplying either single or double
quotes also results in truncation of the value, but nested quotes work
OK (mismatched quotes don't work)

It appears that the double quotes are always stripped from the command
processor (irrespective of whether they're the inner or outer quotes) so
in nse_main.lua they match the pattern for unquoted strings:

local uqi, uqj, uqm = find(str,
        "^%s*([^'\"%s{},=][^%s{},=]*)%s*[},=]", start);

which treats the comma as a separator of key/value pairs and so any
characters after the comma are turned into a new key/value pair.

Is this behaviour as you intended?



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