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Re: Status Report #5 of 17
From: ithilgore <ithilgore.ryu.l () gmail com>
Date: Tue, 26 May 2009 05:20:29 +0300

Status Report #5 of 17


* Discussed and brainstormed with Fyodor about Ncrack's final command-line
interface format.
* Coded ncrack_probes() which will be the basis for initiating new connections
by round-robin through the remaining services.
* Implemented Ncrack's command-line interface. (will write separate mail
explaining and demonstrating options)

Mini-example from Ncrack's interface: (don't worry if you don't understand
everything for now)


/ncrack,al=20 ssh:// -sL
-d10 -m ssh:al=30,cd=2000 -m ftp:al=30,mr=2

Starting Ncrack 0.00001ALPHA ( http://ncrack.org ) at 2009-05-26 05:17 EEST

=== ServicesTable ===
ftp:21 cl=0, al=30, cd=0, mr=2
ssh:22 cl=0, al=30, cd=2000, mr=0
telnet:23 cl=0, al=0, cd=0, mr=0
smtp:25 cl=0, al=0, cd=0, mr=0
http:80 cl=0, al=0, cd=0, mr=0

=== Targets ===
  ftp:3000 cl=50, al=20, cd=0, mr=2
  ftp:21 cl=0, al=30, cd=0, mr=2
  ssh:22 cl=0, al=30, cd=2000, mr=0

Ncrack finished.


cl = connection limit
al = authentication limit
cd = connection delay
mr = maximum retries


* Document everything done so far.
* Send email explaining Ncrack's command-line interface.
* Discuss timing options with nmap-dev.
* Write more comments on functions.
* Implement -g option for global service options.
* Implement -T timing templates.
* Upload stuff at my wiki, making some pages write-accessible for nmap-dev to
give direct feedback.

-- ithilgore

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