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Status Report #7 of 17
From: "Luis M." <luis.mgarc () gmail com>
Date: Mon, 08 Jun 2009 20:40:47 +0200


I've been quite busy the last few weeks with exams at uni but now I'm a free
man so hopefully I'll be able to spend much more time on Nping. Here are
accomplishments of last week and the priorities for this week:


* Implementation of command-line argument parser in progress. There are
  about 75 different options so it will take a few more days until it is
* Implementing classes that handle the different types of protocols.
IPv4 and
  UDP are almost finished. TCP is in progress. A high level view of the
  design can be found in SVN dir nmap-exp/luis/docs/packetDiagram.png.  
* Implemented functions to handle encryption using Schneier's twofish
* "Echo protocol" definition is almost finished but I've decided to put
it on
   hold until the basic ping functionality is implemented.   
* Had a meeting with Fyodor.
* Scheduled next meeting.


* Finish argument parser implementation.
* Implement necessary semantic checks to be run after parsing.
* Continue implementing the classes that handle the protocols.
* Create an exp nmap branch under my svn dir so it can be used for testing
  when I take some functions out of nmap's code to put them in nbase, etc.
* Don't forget about user documentation.
* Locate the code where packet display is handled and review the format
  to see if it needs some improvements for nping.



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