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Re: Nmap notes from a few conferences
From: Fyodor <fyodor () insecure org>
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 2009 19:37:33 -0700

On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 12:27:06AM +0000, Brandon Enright wrote:

I took notes about some of the topics in the presentations and
discussions I had with other security professionals so here are my
notes, opinions, and conclusions about the current state of Nmap and
people's perceptions about it.

Thanks's Brandon, this is good to keep track of.

* People don't seem to know about nbstat.nse and are still talking
  about nbtscan.  Ron did some very good work with nbstat.  I don't
  think people know how scan a very large network for UDP/137 quickly.
  In our documentation I think we should try to highlight how to use
  nbstat.nse really quickly.

It sounds like you have some ideas related to quick UDP scanning?
Maybe you could add some examples/information to the nbtscan NSEDoc?

  great new is that David did a bunch of work to find a new set of
  probes with much better coverage.  Security and network pros are
  going to love this change.  We need to make sure we advertise that
  the default changed to something much smarter.  The fact that David
  did a bunch of empirical analysis and has published numbers is going
  to help even more.

Yeah, I'm real excited about this too!

* People are using Nmap for a generic IP generation tool.  It seems
  that there aren't any good tools out there for random IP generation,
  generation of IPs in ranges like 192.168.*.1-254, etc. 

Heh.  I guess that is the nice thing about being able to scale all the
way from a simple list scan for just enumerating IPs to Nmap's far
more comprehensive scanning modes.

  about working on NSE output.  Perhaps giving script the option of
  outputting XML so that we aren't embedding -oN script output inside
  of XML.

I'm interested in any ideas people have in this respect.  It's hard to
design a general output format which works well for all the different
things NSE can do.

Also, we might think about adding a new script output format
like -oC that is "grepable" or "machine readable" script output.

I'd rather enhance normal grepable output with scriput scan results
than create a new format, but I do try to avoid adding new stuff to
grepable format since it really does have significant limitations.

  that the documentations and examples are out there.  This is mostly
  what my DDCSW presentation was about.

Do you have slides or a video recording online?

* People love Nmap and the new stuff we're adding is only making it



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