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Status Report #9 of 17
From: "Luis M." <luis.mgarc () gmail com>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 21:35:52 +0200


Well, it looks like finally Nping is starting to do what it is supposed
to do.
One can already play with it and send some custom TCP/IP packets. Hopefully
during this week, support for more protocols will be added. Here are
some of
the accomplishments of last week and priorities for this week:


* Target hosts spec parsing in now working.
* Nping already sends and receives TCP/IP packets!
* Implemented TCP-Connect mode, for unprivileged users.
* Added support for random payloads in TCP packets. The RawData class was
  improved to allow use of existing buffers instead of of having to allocate
  new ones and memcpy() their contents.
* Increased time resolution for inter-packet delays. Now we can sleep
with a
  precision of microseconds (altough users specify delays in milliseconds).
* Found some concurrency-related bugs. As a result, some functions were
  improved and now they are thread safe. This is absolutely necessary since
  Nping uses one thread to send the packets and another thread to capture
  the replies.
* Added support for MTU specification and IPv4 datagram fragmentation.
* Added code that handles timing and statistics.
* Rewritten some parts of the argument parser to make parsing of all flags
* A few improvements in argument parsing and the NpingOps class.
* Added nmap's version of pcap   
* Added many functions from nmap's code into common.cc and common.h. Those
  functions will be included in nbase or something similar in the near
* A few other functions from nmap code were slightly changed to make them
  independent of the NmapOps class and some other elements.  
* Had a meeting with Fyodor.
* Scheduled next meeting.


* Implement more protocols, specially ICMP.
* Implement more options.
* Implement UDP mode. This should be pretty easy since the UDPHeader class
  is completely finished.
* Work on raw ethernet frame transmissions.
* Get Nping to determine source IP automatically.
* Review nmap's packet display format to see if it needs some improvements
  for nping.
* Don't forget about portability and user documentation. Start writting man



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