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Status report #10 of 17
From: "Luis M." <luis.mgarc () gmail com>
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 00:12:06 +0200

Hi everyone!

I am glad to say that after some weeks of hard work, Nping is ready to
actually ping hosts and send many types of probes. Now may be the time
to download it and play with it. Any comments are welcome. Finally, here
are some of the accomplishments of last week and priorities for this week:


* Added support for UDP.
* Added support for ICMP (all ICMP types are implemented, however, some
  type-dependant fields may not available from the command line yet).
* Implemented multiple target port specification.
* Added support for automatic source IP and network interface determination.
  This should simplify usage of nping because from now on, users will not
  have to worry about specifying a source IP or a net interface every time
  (unless they want to).
* Improved class PacketElement performance in packet creation by letting
  specify a buffer to store the packet. So now, instead of using
  getBinaryBuffer(), which involves many mallocs and frees, method
  PacketElement::dumpToBinaryBuffer() is used. This should improve speed,
  specially on systems with unefficient malloc implementations.
* Added option --bpf-filter that allows users to specify custom BPF filter
* Improved --data-length option parsing.
* Improved efficiency in checksum calculations.
* Changed default mode to ICMP Echo (if user is root) and TCP CONNECT if
  user is not root.
* Fixed some bugs.
* Had a meeting with Fyodor.
* Scheduled next meeting.


* Find a bug that produces a segfault. For the moment the bug has only
  been seen on a x86-64 machine running GNU/Linux.
* Finish ICMP support.  
* Start working on link layer support (raw ethernet, arp/rarp, etc.)
* Review nmap's packet display format to see if it needs some improvements
  for nping.
* Don't forget about portability and user documentation. Start writting man

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