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Re: Fail error of nmap on Win Vista
From: Santiago Monterrosa <israel.64 () gmail com>
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 19:04:49 -0500

Thanks ofr your response, it is done since the begining, besides I've found
in the nmap blog that somebody had same problem and was asked to send the
result of nmap --iflist comand, below is mine (also asked for WindDump -d,
but it gets nothing back to me)

C:\Program Files\Nmap>nmap --if
Starting Nmap 4.90RC1 ( http://nmap.org ) at 2009-06-30 18:59 Central
ime (Mexico)
DEV   (SHORT) IP/MASK       TYPE        UP   MAC
eth0  (eth0)  (null)/0      ethernet    up   76:13:20:52:41:53
eth1  (eth1)  (null)/0      ethernet    up   76:13:20:52:41:53
eth2  (eth2)  (null)/0      ethernet    up   76:13:20:52:41:53
eth3  (eth3)  (null)/0      ethernet    up   76:13:20:52:41:53
eth4  (eth4)  (null)/0      ethernet    down 00:A0:D1:81:A3:87
eth5  (eth5)  (null)/0      ethernet    up   76:13:20:52:41:53
eth6  (eth6)  (null)/0      ethernet    down 00:18:3F:8E:31:82
eth7  (eth7)  (null)/0      ethernet    down 00:18:3F:8E:31:82
eth8  (eth8)  (null)/0      ethernet    down 00:18:3F:8E:31:82
eth9  (eth9)  (null)/0      ethernet    down 00:50:56:C0:00:01
eth10 (eth10) (null)/0      ethernet    down 00:50:56:C0:00:08
eth11 (eth11) (null)/0      ethernet    down 00:18:3F:8E:31:82
eth12 (eth12) (null)/0      ethernet    up   76:13:20:52:41:53
eth13 (eth13) (null)/0      ethernet    down 00:A0:D1:81:A3:87
ppp0  (ppp0)  (null)/0      other       up
ppp1  (ppp1)  (null)/0      other       down
lo0   (lo0)   loopback    up
eth14 (eth14) ethernet    up   00:16:44:15:20:37
eth15 (eth15) (null)/0      ethernet    up   00:16:44:15:20:37
eth16 (eth16) (null)/0      ethernet    up   00:16:44:15:20:37
eth17 (eth17) (null)/0      ethernet    down 00:18:E7:1B:63:F4
eth0  (eth0)  (null)/0      point2point up
eth1  (eth1)  (null)/0      point2point up
eth2  (eth2)  (null)/0      point2point down
eth3  (eth3)  (null)/0      point2point up
eth4  (eth4)  (null)/0      point2point down
eth5  (eth5)  (null)/0      point2point down
eth6  (eth6)  (null)/0      point2point down
eth7  (eth7)  (null)/0      point2point down
eth8  (eth8)  (null)/0      point2point down
eth9  (eth9)  (null)/0      point2point up
eth10 (eth10) (null)/0      point2point down
eth11 (eth11) (null)/0      point2point down
eth12 (eth12) (null)/0      point2point down
eth13 (eth13) (null)/0      point2point down
eth0  <none>
eth1  <none>
eth2  <none>
eth3  <none>
eth4  <none>
eth5  <none>
eth6  <none>
eth7  <none>
eth8  <none>
eth9  <none>
eth10 <none>
eth11 <none>
eth12 <none>
eth13 <none>
ppp0  <none>
ppp1  <none>
lo0   <none>
eth14 <none>
eth15 <none>
eth16 <none>
eth17 <none>
eth0  <none>
eth1  <none>
eth2  <none>
eth3  <none>
eth4  <none>
eth5  <none>
eth6  <none>
eth7  <none>
eth8  <none>
eth9  <none>
eth10 <none>
eth11 <none>
eth12 <none>
eth13 <none>
DST/MASK           DEV   GATEWAY       lo0 lo0      eth14     eth14 lo0 eth14        eth14        lo0        eth14        lo0          eth14

2009/6/30 David Fifield <david () bamsoftware com>

On Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 11:40:36PM -0500, Santiago Monterrosa wrote:
Hi there, I've just installed nmap on my machine, which is running
Vista, I installed nmap along with zenmap, ncat, ndiff, and I've got the
following error message

Starting Nmap 4.90RC1 ( http://nmap.org ) at 2009-06-29 23:17 Central
Daylight Time (Mexico)

NSE: Loaded 0 scripts for scanning.

Initiating Ping Scan at 23:17

dnet: Failed to open device eth4

After following command: nmap -O -v

the command was executed on both command line and Zenmap interface and
error message still the same, I even used other different options, looks
cause is the interface but is not clear to me how to fix it.

Make sure you are running as an administrator. I think you right-click
on the icon and select "Run as administrator" or something like that.

David Fifield

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