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Re: [RFC] PCRE MATCHLIMIT and the use of greedy quantifiers (-sV scans)
From: Brandon Enright <bmenrigh () ucsd edu>
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 2009 21:56:08 +0000

On Mon, 6 Apr 2009 06:38:17 +0000
doug () hcsw org wrote:

On Fri, Apr 03, 2009 at 08:53:26PM +0000 or thereabouts, Brandon
Enright wrote:
I think we can make the following substitution on all s modifier
match lines (untested):


I agree but I'd suggest a few modifications.

First) we need to make sure your first [.] isn't preceded by a \
(easy with negative look-behind).

Aha! Good one. That's very true.

Second) in most cases the content trailing
the .* is still in the header and not in the body.  Lazy
quantification with .*? should be generally faster because it won't
consume the whole string and then slowly back off.  I'd propose
changing to .*? in the case that the trailing content is still in
the header and .* when the trailing content is in the body.

I'm not that concerned with this especially if the strings are unique
enough but there's no harm here either.

If you're okay with me going through by hand and replacing .*\r?\n.*
with .* or .*? I'll get started right away.  There are about 50
matches that need work.

Sounds great, thank you. If you like I will take a quick look at the
patch but I'm sure I don't need to because you will do it fine.



Thanks again for your comments on this, Doug.  I ran into a couple of
special cases but they aren't interesting enough to reproduce here.
r12911 has my changes.  I've included the log below.


r12911 log:
Handled all of our stray uses of .*\r\n.* and variations like .*\n.*\n
by collapsing them to a single .* and making sure that the DOTALL
(PCRE s modifier) is set on the match.  This should dramatically cut
down on cases where MATCHLIMIT is returned.  See
http://seclists.org/nmap-dev/2009/q2/0086.html for a discussion.  I
chose to only use .* in this patch even though .*? will be faster in
some cases.  I felt the speed benefit of .*? did not outweigh the
relative obscurity of lazy quantifiers.  I have some ideas on how
audit matches for performance and some ideas on optimizations that can
be done.  .*? and friends will have wait.

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