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favicon survey script
From: David Fifield <david () bamsoftware com>
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2009 21:57:06 -0600


There was a project to build a NSE script that would identify web server
software by hashing favicon.ico and looking it up in a database. In fact
the script exists, but the database is small and the relevance of its
entries is not known.

Last year Vlatko Kosturjak did large Internet scans and cataloged the
frequency of favicons. However for some reason this was never built into
a database and a script, as far as I know.


I think the script is a great idea, so I wrote a script to try to
duplicate Vlatko's results. The script simply downloads /favicon.ico,
hashes it, then stores the icon itself and a list of hosts using it in
files named after the hash. To give you an idea:

$ cd ~/favicon
$ ls icon/
17F03417CBF92B80992B7CA7A566FB0C.ico C89ECD7675567625E5755A7A9C31632D.ico
379A65BEB4D412765FCF9FBBDEECD416.ico C8BFCB5728998AC6C3DA90EA5CD2340A.ico
7131EF7073ED685BF2987B9061C65D36.ico CB5AA723DDDB0734CEC459F2B9C3B1C4.ico
88733EE53676A47FC354A61C32516E82.ico D16A0DA12074DAE41980A6918D33F031.ico
$ ls hash/
17F03417CBF92B80992B7CA7A566FB0C  C89ECD7675567625E5755A7A9C31632D
379A65BEB4D412765FCF9FBBDEECD416  C8BFCB5728998AC6C3DA90EA5CD2340A
7131EF7073ED685BF2987B9061C65D36  CB5AA723DDDB0734CEC459F2B9C3B1C4
88733EE53676A47FC354A61C32516E82  D16A0DA12074DAE41980A6918D33F031
$ cat hash/D16A0DA12074DAE41980A6918D33F031

./nmap --datadir . -n -PN -d --script=favicon -p 80 -iR 20000 -oN favicon-%Y%m%d-%H%M%S.nmap

I scanned port 80 of 20,000 random IP addresses (took about 16 minutes)
and got these results:

$ wc -l hash/* | sort -n
  1 hash/17F03417CBF92B80992B7CA7A566FB0C
  1 hash/379A65BEB4D412765FCF9FBBDEECD416
  1 hash/7131EF7073ED685BF2987B9061C65D36
  1 hash/88733EE53676A47FC354A61C32516E82
  1 hash/A3C7BE1BCF382EA413C30453A4ACF638
  1 hash/B6141EFEE8D8E64DBC23539F99F7238E
  1 hash/C3FB27F0BF8AC3171C8105726D61380A
  1 hash/C89ECD7675567625E5755A7A9C31632D
  1 hash/C8BFCB5728998AC6C3DA90EA5CD2340A
  1 hash/CB5AA723DDDB0734CEC459F2B9C3B1C4
  1 hash/D4DA62A788942AAB81D033C9E49D57CB
  1 hash/ECF508711C226CCDA02D58853B31D7A7
  2 hash/D16A0DA12074DAE41980A6918D33F031
  4 hash/D41D8CD98F00B204E9800998ECF8427E
 19 hash/A8FE5B8AE2C445A33AC41B33CCC9A120
 37 total

Already with this tiny scan there are some promising results. Roughly
half of hosts that had a favicon had one with the hash
A8FE5B8AE2C445A33AC41B33CCC9A120 (it's actually an HTML error message),
which makes it a good candidate for fingerprinting.

The idea is to find out the most common favicons and make a user script
containing the database. João Correa volunteered to do the large-scale
scanning. He's also going to investigate ways to make the script more
effective, such as parsing HTML to find the real location of the favicon
file. I suggest he use some of Vlatko's scripts to visit all the web
sites in the dmoz in addition to random scanning.

David Fifield

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